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Here is our list of Superfoods, these sources of optimum nutrition are available as dried powders, berries, algae, grasses.

The term Superfood does not have a widely accepted definition, but our superfood list primarily contains foods that have a complete or close to complete nutritional profile. Our superfoods are amongst nature's most nutritionally rich foods, and can form an important part of a healthy eating plan.

We source our Superfoods from around the world, always choosing suppliers that support the farmers and growers who produce these products. They undergo minimum processing and are always raw to ensure all the nutrients remain intact. All our Superfood products are free from artificial additives and all our Superfoods arrive to us with a certificate of analysis. Many are organic, wildcrafted and raw, and all are quality assured.

Here in the west we live in a culture of plenty and yet so many people are actually malnourished due to poor diet and a stressful lifestyle - optimum nutrition is the key.

However, thanks to improved availability of Superfoods and access to information on the internet we all now have the opportunity to choose optimum nutrition. It is in this climate that the Superfood Revolution is happening as more and more people are discovering the foods with a high nutritional content and bringing their health and well being back into balance.



Acai berries

Acai 100% freeze dried organic berries.
Euterpe oleracea

This Organic Acai berry powder is a freeze dried powder is not using a heat or chemical treatment, bringing the product to you with optimum nutrition content intact.

The Superfood powder, Acai is a beautiful rich royal purple coloured berry from the Brazilian Rain Forest in South America.



Barleygrass Superfood powder

Barleygrass powder
Hordeum vulgare L

The young leaves of the Barletgrass plant have a tremendous ability to absorb nutrients from the soil, and are harvested at 12 -14 inches high.
Barley grass powder is known to contain vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, chlorophyll, live enzymes and amino acids. This Superfood powder is thought to include a balanced ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrate necessary for a balanced diet, super nutrition at its best. Barleygrass is easily assimilated throughout the digestive tract providing the body with optimum nutrition.


Chorella powder

Chlorella vulgaris

Chlorella has a huge nutritional range and has been described as the perfect food, and is a very popular Superfood and source of optimum nutrition.
This plant algae Superfood is thought to have an alkaline effect on the body. This effect is key in supporting the body recovering from ill health. Chlorella powder supports the body in the process of detoxification, this helps the muscles, joints, cells, blood and all the bodily systems recover from their toxic load. It is a high source of vegetable protein and it is also easily digestable. It makes a great food to consume when recovery from illness and it brings an energy boost in physical exhaustion. A great source of optimum nutrition!

Spirulina superfood powder

Arthrospira platensis, and Arthrospira maxima

The Superfood Spirulina is a blue-green algae and it contains a wide range of valuable nutrients. Firstly it contains 65% easily digested PROTEIN, and 18 amino acids. It is a unique vegetarian complete source of protein and much of its protein has been pre-digested by the algae itself and these enzymes go on to assist in the human digestive and absorption process. This source of optimum nutrition's protein source is superior because it also has lower fat, lower cholesterol and no artificial growth booster chemicals like meat and dairy protein.

Spirulina is the secret to success for vegetarian body-building.

Wheatgrass Superfood Powder

Wheatgrass Powder
Triticum aestivum

Wheat grass is quite possibly the closest thing to the fountain of youth and healing man has ever benefited from. This Superfood has a nutritional profile is literally stunning. It's good for boosting energy and vitality levels, combating fatigue, detoxification, eliminating unhealthy bacteria, balancing gut and bowel health, balancing ph levels in blood, treating immune system deficiencies, improving clarity of thought, Stabilising weight, metabolism and cravings, aiding cell regeneration. One of the best starting points for optimum nutrition.