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Organic Barleygrass Powder

Organic Barleygrass Powder

Here are our Barley grass products, including our Organic freeze dried Barley grass powder. At Indigo Herbs we can assure you that this product has been freeze dried to ensure the optimum phyto-nutrient content of the young Barley grass shoots remain intact.

Barley grass has a long history of use for its beneficial nutritional properties. It has been cultivated for thousands of years with cultural references to its importance in the Bible as well as evidence suggesting that the ancient Egyptians used both the grain and the young shoots in their diet.

The ingesting of the very young Barley grass shoots didn’t become popular in modern day society until the 1970’s when Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara was conducting research on about 150 different plants. During his research to create a diet which imparted all the sustenance the body needs, Dr. Hagiwara started eating young Barley grass shoots to understand their potential. Dr. Hagiwara concluded after investigation and testing Barley grass shoots on himself that they were one of the most nutritionally balanced foods in nature.

The popularity of using young Barley grass shoots for its concentrated nutrients has increased over the past few decades allowing Indigo Herbs to bring you this pure unadulterated organic product. Grown away from populated areas, without chemical fertilizers and using only the finest organic farming methods you’ll find that our Organic Barley grass Powder is of the highest quality imparting its vitalizing properties to your diet.

Organic Barley grass Powder 500g

Latin Name: Hordeum vulgare L

  • Certified Organic, Gluten-Free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Fresh young Barley grass shoots -freeze dried and powdered to ensure nutrients remain intact.
  • Nutritionally rich green superfood powder-daily food supplement.
  • High in Vitamins, Minerals.
  • Packed in a resealable air tight, foil pouch.
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.
Organic Quality Assured Organic Organic Gluten Free Vegetarian and Vegan Safe
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Organic Barley grass powder from, Indigo Herbs, is a premium quality organic supplement. Barley grass powder has a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The young shoots of the Barley grass have been harvested, freeze-dried and powdered to ensure maximum freshness. Barley grass powder can be taken daily as a nutrient rich food supplement.

At Indigo Herbs we are passionate about premium quality botanicals. Explore the tabs on this page to find out more about the health benefits, quality, manufacture and suggested use of this superfood. At Indigo Herbs we are committed to empowering optimum health and nutrition and assisting you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, by having access to many of nature’s healing botanicals.

Also known as: Baere, green food, Barley green, common foxtail

Why take this? Barley grass powder is a daily food supplement that provides a dense form of nutrients. This superfood is packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and chlorophyll. Much of these nutrients are densely packed in the young fresh shoots of this plant.

To add to this Barley grass powder is easily digestible and can be fully assimilated by the digestive system, as it is a nutrient rich food rather than supplement. Barley grass powder is high in Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Calcium, Iron and Dietary Fibre. What's more, this lovely green powder is low in Fat, low in Sugar and high in Protein.

Like many plants, Barley grass powder is known for its Chlorophyll content. This Chlorophyll is thought to have an alkalising effect on the body. Most processed foods consumed in the western diet are thought to create a state of acidosis in the body, and this may be one of the underlying causes to many modern diseases. The effects of the highly processed foods eaten are certainly coming under greater scrutiny. Many people are addressing this issue by consuming foods that are rich in chlorophyll, to counter-balance, promote wellbeing and act as a springboard for better health.

Integrating Superfoods into your daily diet is simple and easy. Superfoods are particularly dense in nutrients, and free from any bulking agents or fillers. By adding superfoods to your daily diet you can fortify your food with super nutrition. Try replacing breakfast with a superfood smoothie. The smoothie can be made with a base of nut milk, seed milk or non-dairy milk such as rice milk, alternatively the main body of the smoothie can be created with fruit or vegetable juices.

Then additional superfood and herb powders can be added to fortify the smoothie with extra beneficial properties, the powders are largely dissolvable and can be scooped in and then blended or shaken until fully mixed in. Superfoods can be easily added to breakfast cereals such as porridge, muesli or granola. The powders, berries, grains, seeds and nuts can also be added to soups, salads, stews, curries, and used as toppings for any meal. Think about what you can replace in your daily diet with Superfoods. For full instructions go to our How to use Superfoods page.

Organic Barley grass Powder can be mixed with water to make a delicious Barley grass juice. You can also mix this powder with anything you’d like, be it smoothies, yoghurts, porridge or juice. You can simply sprinkle it on food; it is a refreshing addition and does not have an overpowering taste when used in smaller amounts.

Daily serving:
Use from ½ to 4 teaspoons daily. Indigo Herbs suggests a gradual increment of Organic Barley grass Powder daily to negate any symptoms of detoxification. 

Teaspoon Weight: 1 teaspoon equals 2 grams (1 tsp = 2g).
Barleygrass Powder        
Nutritional info Per 100g Per daily portion 8g Per portion % RDA(reference intake of an average adult) Health Benefits
Daily Portion in grams   8.0g    
Energy KJ 725KJ 58KJ 0.7%  
Energy Kcal 171Kcal 14Kcal 0.7%  
Fat 2.0g 0.16g 0.2% LOW FAT
of which saturates 0.4g 0.03g    
Carbohydrate 14.3g 1.14g 0.4%  
of which sugars 2.9g 0.23g   LOW SUGAR
Protein 24.0g 1.92g 3.8% HIGH PROTEIN
Salt 0.10mg 0.01mg 0.0%  
Fat of which mono-saturates 0.2g      
Fat of which poly-unsaturates 1.4g      
Dietary Fibre 47.7g 3.8g   HIGH FIBRE
Vitamin C 191.00mg 15.28mg 19.1% HIGH IN VIT C
Riboflavin/ Vitamin B2 2.41mg 0.19mg 13.8% HIGH IN B2
Niacin/ Vitamin B3 6.07mg 0.49mg 3.0% HIGH IN B3
Vitamin B6 1.26mg 0.10mg 7.2% HIGH IN B6
Calcium 330.00mg 26.40mg 3.3% HIGH IN CALCIUM
Iron 10.00mg 0.80mg 5.7% HIGH IN IRON
RDA: reference intake of an average adult        
  • Certified Organic by The Organic Food Federation.
  • Produced to GMP standards.
  • Quality Assured by Indigo Herbs.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Gluten free.
  • Re-sealable air tight, foil pouch.
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.

From the pristine pastures of Northern China our Organic Barley grass is produced under stringent organic standards. Reared under warm sunlight, in rich organic soil and fed water that has been sourced from deep in the earth; these Barley grass plants were harvested carefully by hand at the tender age of 4-5 months just as they enter the ‘jointing’ phase of their lives. Jointing typically means that the Barley grass starts to stretch and transform into an adult plant. At this transformative stage the plant will have assimilated a great deal of nutrients and minerals from the soil to help push it into adulthood. Harvesting at this time guarantees a magnified amount of beneficial compounds in the plant which are then ready for a rigorous selection process. Only the very best specimens are used to be quick dried and then powdered using a freezing air crushing method. It takes less than an hour for the Barley grass plants to be cut and then made into powder form ensuring the most important constituents are preserved in the end product.

Barley grass should be introduced gradually to enable the body to get used to any detoxification reaction, if introduced into the diet at higher levels too suddenly symptoms may occur. Detoxification symptoms can be varied but may include: headaches, fatigue, diarrhea, colds and flu, and skin outbreaks.
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