@IndigoHerbs are selling some quality herbs. I appreciate the Tinctures, especially; Mucuna Pruriens and Fo Ti - they have done wonders for me. Thank you.
- @bushwickboy
Indigo Herbs products are diverse, top quality and always delivered on time. Their customer service is awesome. I receive interesting, informative and seasonally relevant natural health education via their emails. It's my one stop shop for everything I need to support my quest in natural health.
- Tess Kendrick-Brown
The best thing I know … - The product got to me as quickly as it could have done, using Royal Mail in the UK and delivered by La Poste here in France. White willow bark tincture seems to be unknown in Europe, but it is one thing that I am happy to give regularly to my dog to relieve the aches and stiffness of old age. She doesn’t know she is old (nearly 14), and it is up to me to keep it that way.
- Judith Manville

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