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Indigo Herbs - About Us

It's our great wish to inspire and motivate you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Indigo Herbs is on a mission to supply you with the finest natural health products of the best quality, at affordable prices. 

Based in the "alternative lifestyle" capitol, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, we are truly passionate about natural health. The team behind Indigo Herbs is inspired by the plenitude of natural health solutions and we are delighted to be supporting you on your journey to wellbeing. We make a great team. Meet the Indigo team here.

At Indigo Herbs we believe the path to health starts with taking responsibility for your body, mind and soul. The second step is making the change by working some healthy routines into your daily lifestyle. We are right there to help you with that, as we supply a broad and unique range of quality products to include in your daily lifestyle, from breakfast, lunch and dinner, to everything in between. 

We also think that it is possible to achieve optimum nutrition whilst living in harmony with the environment, plants and animals. For many people this means a diet rich in plant based ingredients, which has a lower impact on the environment.

About Our Community

We want to make the world a better place and an essential part of being healthy is community, so we invite you to be friends with Indigo Herbs and get involved with the conversation about healthy lifestyles, herbs and superfoods.

Join us, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, sign up to our monthly newsletter and subscribe to receive updates on our blog. We guarantee that we will share with you only interesting and relevant news, great new recipe ideas, and let you benefit from our discounts and special offers on products.

We are really excited about the superfood revolution as we see this is an exciting time when the true benefits of supernutrition and natural remedies are being recognised and used more frequently by more people, which ultimately means we are waking up to taking loving care of ourselves and returning to nature for the cure. This can only be a positive movement.

Stockists Map

Is Indigo Herbs just around the corner? 

More and more shops across the UK are stocking our vast range of premium quality Superfoods & Herbs.

If you're someone who likes to support their local Health Food Shop then why not check our stockist map to see if Indigo Herbs is local to you.

We want to make Indigo Herbs as accessible as possible so that you can continue on your life long health kick.


About Our Natural Health Guide

This is a unique period in history, as never before have we been able to access medicinal plants from around the world, delivered to our door, in excellent condition. We have at the end of our fingertips a global apothecary, drawing upon the traditions from many global schools of medicine.

Our Natural Health Guide guide profiles plants traditionally used in Western Herbalism, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, South American Medicine, Siberian Shamanism as well as a whole range of nutrient dense foods that are part of a cutting edge supernutrition revolution. The guide includes an A – Z of medicinal plants, describing their traditional and therapeutic uses. You can discover “How to” use our products with step by step instructions. We have also created a “By Benefits index” to help you find what ingredients might help you personally.

About Our Product Range

We’re pleased to supply organic and quality assured products. We focus on quality, purity and simplicity, as we want your natural health products to be effective but also affordable. We work with suppliers who have an awareness of ecology and show a genuine respect for the earth. See our Quality Assured Policy here.

About Our Service

The Indigo Herbs crew work hard to provide an excellent level of customer service support for you. Whilst we cannot offer you nutrition or medical advice (as we are not medical herbalists or nutritional therapists), we can chat with you about the quality, source and preparation of each of our products. If you are looking to find a complementary health practitioner to work with you on personal health issues then we invite you to use our practitioner’s directory to search for a therapist in your local area.

We aim to provide a service that is easy to use and swift to deliver. We like to dispatch your order the day we receive it (except at the weekend) please see our shipping customer promise and we go one step further and provide you with a comprehensive guarantee when you shop with us. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Indigo Herbs is where ancient wisdom, modern pharmacy, and cutting edge nutrition come together. We hope you love our range of natural health products as much as we do, and we look forward to being of service to you on your journey to wellbeing.


The Indigo Herbs Team