About Us: The Indigo Herbs Crew

Meet our wonderful Indigo Herbs crew, from the Directors to Production, to Dispatch, to Media & Marketing team members. 

Learn about the people behind the brand - the brains behind the excellent quality of products, the ones who give first class customer service and the crew that help make the Indigo world go round. 

Steve Mckewon

Managing Director

Steve is the one who thought all of this up originally. Initially it was just him but now he is the Managing Director of Indigo Herbs.

He is often to be found overseeing production, sourcing, ordering and managing the arrival of herbs and superfoods from around the world, and pouring his creativity into a better and brighter Indigo Herbs on line. A truly inspired buccaneer.

His current favourite Indigo products are the Chaga Tincture and the Super Mushroom Nutri Complex, as these are great stress busters that help him cope with a busy lifestyle.

Michael Hanby


Michael is a Director: a maverick of original thinking, creativity and business strategy.

When Michael is not at Indigo Herbs he keeps busy with other projects, practicing kung-fu, ocassionally surfing and climbing and mainly being Dad to his twins (who have been known to ask for wheatgrass juice in their drinking cups).

His favourite Indigo products are Love Your Liver and the Raw Chocolate bars.

Chloe Frances

Accounts & HR Administrator

Chloe is our Accounts & HR Administrator. She always makes sure the business is running smoothly and that she is giving the best service possible. She brings great structure to many of the every day tasks at Indigo Herbs.

Her amazing organizational skills naturally extend to her life outside of work. She has a passion for spreadsheets and uses these to make aspects of her life easier, and she's always willing to help others learn. She enjoys reading, getting engrossed in various series of television and spending time with her boyfriend and friends. She also enjoys participating in Pilates and Cycling on nice days.

Her favourite Indigo products are Organic Spirulina Tablets and our yummy Raw Chocolate Bars.

Abby Render

Assistant Manager

Abby works as the Assistant Manager ensuring that our customers get the best Customer Service possible as well as supervising our team of Fulfilment Operatives. 

Outside of work Abby enjoys long walks with her dog Harvey, reading, growing house plants, baking and keeping fit and healthy with the help of Indigo products as well as spending time with the wonderful Indigo Herbs family. 

Abby's favourite products are Reishi Mushroom, Hulled Hemp Seeds and Love Potion. 

Cameron Scott

Production Operative

Cameron bottles and labels every Indigo Herbs Tincture. When he's here, his friendly outlook and colourful lifestyle spill out all over the place and always livens things up.

When not at Indigo Herbs, Cameron is a musician, producer and promoter. Cameron runs and promotes both "The Sounds of Glastonbury Town" and "UFO Dub Club". He also performs in his own band MannaKin.

Cameron's favourite Indigo Herbs product is Love Potion 10.

Christoff van der Merwe

Quality & Production Supervisor

Christoff is our Quality & Production Manager.

Outside of work, he likes to sing, dance and make music wherever he goes.

His favourite Indigo smoothie concoction is to add the Mushroom Nutri-Complex and mix it with banana, plant milk and a spoonful of peanut butter.

Faye Chadburn

Freelance Recipe Creator

Faye used to work in Production but she now works freelance as a recipe creator for Indigo Herbs.

Outside of work Faye is always busy with creative projects be it painting murals, designing patterns for print, or playing around with food for our Indigo recipe collection. She is also a yoga enthusiast and a swimming instructor. Check out her artist website here.

Her favourite Indigo products are Black Tahini, Ashwaghanda Powder, Valerian Tincture and Super Vital Powder Blend for its rad colour! 

Georgina Cross

Production Operative

Georgina works in Production and packs our Herbs & Superfoods you know and love in the kitchen.

When she’s not at Indigo Herbs, she likes to spend quality time with her loved ones, and makes handmade lampshades out of old lamps and recycled materials. She spends a lot of her time reading and going to the movies, and enjoys hanging out with her friends and cooking good food.

Her favourite Indigo Products are Raspberry Powder and White Mulberries.

Gitty Kotschi


Gitty has been acting as the Accountant and Tax Adviser for Indigo Herbs for a few years now and say she is really impressed with the company’s ethos and the integrity of the owners and staff.

She says it has been and is a real pleasure to work with people like this and long may it continue.

Hazel Beare

Dispatch & Fulfilment Operative

Hazel works in our Fulfilment Team packing the products for all of your orders.

Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his little boy, making shapes on the dancefloor and spreading love where ever he can. 

His favourite Indigo Herbs products are Chia Seed Protein Powder and the Raw Chocolate Bars.

Joe Potts

Product Content & Listings Supervisor

Joe works as our Product Content & Listings Supervisor, he is very knowledgable about all our Herbs & Superfoods.

Outside of Indigo Herbs, he enjoys playing sports, watching films, eating out and cooking.

His favourite Indigo Herbs products are Pea Protein, Ashwagandha, Sencha Green Tea and Matcha Powder.

Lisa Hall

Production Operative

Lisa works in Production, she weighs and packs our Herbs & Superfoods in the kitchen - always sharing positivity with a big smile on her face! 

She runs dance and movement sessions with young children across Somerset. She is really passionate about Health and likes to create a healthy and happy lifestyle for her family. As well as working at Indigo Herbs, she has her own business selling Pure Raw Chocolate Bars. 

She is very active, dances a lot and enjoys hanging out with her two lovely sons.

Her favourite Indigo products are Maca, Love Potion and the Raw Chocolate Bars.

Manon Lartet

Front-end Web Developer

Manon is our Front-end Web Developer and is in charge of the graphics.

Outside of work Manon is dedicating a lot of time to her health and fitness through CrossFit training. She also enjoys nature walks and reading.

Her favourite Indigo Herbs products are protein powders and gluten-free flours with which she bakes healthy snacks. She also likes to experiment with diverse herbs as pre-workouts.

Meg Priestley

Fulfilment Supervisor

Meg works in Dispatch as the Fulfilment Supervisor, she picks and packs all your favourite products and works hard to package and ship our stock on time as well as looking after her team.

Outside of work, Meg enjoys reading, country walks, hanging out with her pals and practising calligraphy hand-lettering. 

Her favourite Indigo products are the Rhodiola Rosea Tincture and Coconut Oil as it's so versatile, shes uses it for cooking & skincare.

Shambo Geib

Assistant Production Supervisor

Shambo manages the stock in our Warehouse that comes in from our suppliers and ensures the area is super organised so the Production team can use it efficiently

When not at Indigo Herbs, he is a bass player in a band called Electric Fox, and enjoys playing gigs all over the South West.

He also enjoys going to gigs, gardening and cooking.

Shambo's favourite Indigo product is Rhodiola Rosea.

Silvia Prandini

Customer Service Agent

Silvia works as a Customer Service Agent, making sure all our customers are happy and informed of how our business works. 

Outside of work Silvia is a trained Milliner and a Felt Textile Artist, check out her artwork here. Silvia is originally from Italy and a lover of travelling the world with her partner. She hopes one day when her two kids have grown up she can spread her wings again and see the rest of the world but for now she enjoys dancing, camping and having catch up cups of teas with friends.

Her favourite Indigo Herbs products are the Dried Figs, Chlorella and Matcha Tea Powders. 

Siobhan King

Production Operative

Siobhan works in Production, weighing and packing all our Herbs & Superfoods.

Outside of work Siobhan is very busy. She is a mother to two delicious children and loves to dance, read and hang out with her lovely circle of friends and family. She loves a good work out to some banging music.

Her favourite Indigo products are the Super Protein Powder, Turmeric Tincture and all forms of Cacao. 

Tawny Bartlett

Lead Developer

Tawny is our lead developer; she maintains the website, keeps systems ticking and thrives in a problem solving environment. She classes herself as a full stack developer and contributes to all technical areas of the business. She is a proud member of the Drupal community and organises Drupal Somerset (hosted at Indigo Herbs HQ) once a month.

When she’s not at work, she loves spending time with her family, boyfriend, family dogs (Saxon and Star) and her beloved bunny (Shiro) and fluffy dog (Trico). They take up most of the time in her life. When she’s not enjoying their lovely company, she is satisfying her geeky, undying love of technology – whether that is learning about it or playing addictive computer games. She also loves reading, writing and watching anime.

After years of working at Indigo, she has gained a greater interest in herbs and believes in people taking charge of their own health. Her favourite Indigo product is MSM powder, as it helps her hands and wrists stay in good health so she can keep speedily typing away!

Veda Geib Shanley

Assistant Production Supervisor

Veda works as our Assistant Production Supervisor, packing our Herbs & Superfoods and ensuring all runs smoothly as well as assisting in the Warehouse.

Outside of work he likes to hang out with all his friends (including all the guys at Indigo) and plays Drums in a band called Electric Fox. He loves the sun and having fun.

His favourite Indigo Herbs products are Hemp Protein Powder, Banana Powder and Dates

Vicki Howd

Creative Content Coordinator

Vicki writes our inspiring health Blogs on the website, as well as creating nutritional content for products and most recently Vicki acts as our contact for Trade Partnerships. 

Outside of work at Indigo Herbs Vicki also runs a small bed and breakfast called Spirals here in Glastonbury. She is passionate about health and nutrition and has attended many workshops and talks to learn as much as she can about this subject. She is also an animal lover and a keen dog walker and loves to get out into nature. Her other interests include music, playing guitar, gardening, especially growing organic fruits and vegetables and she belongs to a local shamanic drumming circle.

Her favourite products are - Raw Chocolate, Hemp Seeds, Chlorella and Cranberry Powder.