About Us: The Indigo Herbs Crew

Steve Mckewon

Steve is the one who thought all of this up originally. Initially it was just him but now he is the captain of the good ship Indigo.

He is often to be found co-ordinating production, managing the arrival of herbs and spices from around the world, and pouring his creativity into a better and brighter Indigo Herbs on line. A truly inspired buccaneer.

When he is not at Indigo he likes to kick back and follow his spiritual path, The freedom teachings.

His favourite Indigo product is Ashwagandha powder, as it's a great stress buster and helps him cope with a busy lifestyle

Claire Kelly

Claire is one of the directors of the company. She heads up the Media & Marketing team. 


Claire’s background is a holistic therapist and natural health practitioner. When not working she is normally found hanging out with her family and her favourite passtime is being out in nature with her little Papillion dog called Izzy.


Her favourite Indigo Products are Chlorella, Milk Thistle, Camu Camu and Mango, Banana and Baobab powder, all mixed into her morning juice. She swears by starting the day with a green juice.

Michael Hanby

Michael is a Director: a maverick of original thinking, creativity and business strategy.

When Michael is not at Indigo Herbs he keeps busy with other projects, practicing kung-fu, ocassionally surfing and climbing and mainly being Dad to his  twins (who have been known to ask for wheatgrass juice in their drinking cups).

His favourite Indigo products are Love Your Liver and MMMbars.


Chloe Frances

Chloe is our Customer Service and Fulfilment Supervisor, and does various HR and finance tasks in the company. She always makes sure the business is running smoothly and that she is giving the best service possible. She brings great structure to many of the every day tasks at Indigo Herbs.

Her amazing organizational skills naturally extend to her life outside of work. She has a passion for spreadsheets and uses these to make aspects of her life easier, and she's always willing to help others learn. She enjoys reading, getting engrossed in various series of television and spending time with her boyfriend and friends. She also enjoys participating in Pilates and cycling on nice days.

Her favourite Indigo product are Organic Spirulina tablets and our yummy raw chocolate bars.


Christoff van der Merwe

Christoff is not only Production Supervisor, but also Warehouse Manager, responsible for all inbound stock.

Outside of work, he likes to sing, dance and make music wherever he goes.

His favourite Indigo products are hard to cut down - but he mainly loves Ashwagandha and Rhodiola with Pea and Hemp Protein in a smoothie.


Abby Render

Abby works in Customer Service and Fulfillment packing the products for the customers and helping customers on the phone and via email.

Outside of work Abby is a keen student, currently finishing her Degree in Art History & Spanish with the Open University. She spends a lot of time reading, and loves to spend time in the sunshine with her friends. Abby is also focused on keeping fit and healthy with the help of Indigo products!

Abby's favourite products are Chlorella tablets, Ashwaganda powder and Raw chocolate. 

Alison Coals

Alison works in Customer Service and Fulfillment packing the products for the customers and helping customers on the phone and via email.

Outside of work, Alison loves being outside and spends a lot of time walking and cycling in the beautiful Somerset countryside.  When it's too wet for that, she enjoys reading and writing, or spending time with friends - both human and animal.  She loves music and dancing.

Her favourite products are any of the raw chocolate products, as well as Chia Seeds and Goji Berries - anything she can add to her home-made muesli.

Cameron Scott

Cameron wraps every single bar of Indigo Herb's Pure Raw Chocolate. When he's here, his friendly outlook and colourful lifestyle spill out all over the place and always livens things up.

When not at Indigo Herbs, Cameron is a musician, producer and promoter. Cameron runs and promotes both "The Sounds of Glastonbury Town" and "UFO Dub Club". He also performs in his own band MannaKin.

Cameron's favourite Indigo Herbs products is Love Potion 10.

Elsie Brockway

Elsie is the Social Media & Marketing Coordinator. 


Outside of work Elsie likes being creative, keeping up to date with the Fashion world, cycling, adventuring with friends, experimenting with Smoothie recipes using Indigo powders, walking up Glastonbury Tor and attempting to learn the Saxophone.

Her favourite Indigo products are the Super Vital Powder Blend, Greek Jasmine Incense Resin and the Raw Chocolate bars. 

Faye Chadburn

Faye works in Production and packs products in the kitchen.
Faye took part in Veganuary back in January, a campaign Indigo Herbs sponsored to try the Vegan Diet in January. Faye also creates inventive and delicious recipe for our recipe pages.

Georgina Cross

Georgina works in production and packs in the kitchen.

When she’s not at Indigo Herbs, she looks after her children (a boy and a girl, both teenagers). She likes to spend quality time with her boyfriend, and makes handmade lampshades out of old lamps and recycled materials. She spends a lot of her time reading and going to the movies, and enjoys hanging out with her friends and cooking good food.

Her favourite Indigo Products are raspberry powder and white mulberries.


Gitty Kotschi


Gitty has been acting as the accountant and tax adviser for Indigo Herbs Ltd for over a year now and say she is really impressed with the company’s ethos and the integrity of the owners and staff.

She says it has been and is a real pleasure to work with people like this and long may it continue.

Hazel Beare

Hazel works in out Fulfilment Team packing the products for all of your orders.


Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his little boy, making shapes on the dancefloor and spreading love where ever he can. 

His favourtie Indigo Herbs products are Chia Seed Protein Powder and the Raw Chocolate Bars.


Joe Potts

Joe works in Copywriting and fulfilment.

Outside of Indigo Herbs, he enjoys sports, watching films, eating out and cooking.

His favourite Indigo Hebrs products are Cats Claw and Ashwagandha.


Lisa Hall

Lisa works in Production, and is also a head chocolate maker.

She runs dance and movement sessions with young children across Somerset. She is really passionate about dance and health, and likes to create a healthy and happy lifestyle in her family with her young children.

She is very active, dances a lot and enjoys hanging out with her lovely two sons.

Her favourite Indigo products are Maca, Love Potion and raw chocolate.


Shambo Geib

Shambo works in production at Indigo Herbs, packing the herbs that you know and love.

When not at Indigo Herbs, he is a bass player in a band, and enjoys playing all over the South West.

He enjoys going to gigs, playing gigs, gardening and cooking.

Shambo's favourite Indigo product is Rhodiola rosea.

Tawny Bartlett

Tawny is our Websites Coordinator. She works on the website(s), contributes to design and creates illustrations (like our cartoons!). She enjoys challenges and accepting new tasks, so is forever evolving her role at Indigo Herbs, learning in her spare time and doing new things.

When she’s not at Indigo Herbs, she loves spending time with her family, boyfriend, dogs (Saxon and Star) and her rabbit (Shiro). They take up most of the time in her life. When she’s not enjoying their lovely company, she is satisfying her geeky, undying love of technology – whether that is learning about it or playing addictive computer games. She also loves reading, writing and watching anime.

She is learning more about herbs now, gaining more interest in them and altering her lifestyle to be healthier. But, she is still striving to learn more, and is enjoying the fantastic journey Indigo Herbs has shown her.

Her favourite products at Indigo Herbs are Wheatgrass powder, Golden Linseeds and Love Potion 10.

Veda Geib Shanley

Veda works in our production team packing the herbs you know and love, and also works in our warehouse.

Outside of work he likes to hang out with all his friends (including all the guys at Indigo) and he also plays Drums in a rock band called ELECTRIC FOX. He loves the sun and having fun.

His favourite Indigo Herbs products are Hemp protein powder, Banana powder and Dates


Vicki Howd

Outside of work at Indigo Herbs Vicki also runs a small bed and breakfast here in Glastonbury.  She is passionate about health and nutrition and has attended many workshops and talks to learn as much as she can about this subject.  She is also an animal lover and a keen dog walker and loves to get out into nature.  Her other interests include music - playing guitar, gardening, especially growing organic fruits and vegetables and she belongs to a local shamanic drumming circle

Her favourite products are - Raw Chocolate, Hemp seeds, Chlorella and Cranberry Powder