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Lammas – Celebrating the First Harvest

Local Glastofarian Vicki Howd, continues her exploration of the ancient Celtic wheel of the year in August with the festival of Lammas, which is the first harvest celebrated on August 1st. Vicki explains the significance of this important festival and shares some Lammas bread recipes & ideas on how to make a special Lammas incense Blend.

The Secrets of a Healthy Breakfast

Nutritional therapist Vivien Aldred explores the secrets of a healthy breakfast. She reveals why it is so important to start the body off on the right footing at the beginning of the day and how this helps us bust stress and be more productive and healthy.

Quinoa & Almond Butter Granola Recipe

Gluten free and vegan friendly, this protein packed granola takes moments to rustle up - you can even batch make ahead for busy weeks. Organic puffed quinoa, nutty almond butter, raw cacao and some chia seed protein powder for that “Good morning!” boost.

Why We Need To Eat More Vegetables

As part of healthy eating week nutritional therapist Vivien Aldred looks at reasons to eat more veg. Studies say we should be eating up to 10 portions of fruit & veg per day, but more typically people are struggling to eat five. Read this blog and discover more interesting ways to uplift your fruit and veg intake..

Rainbow Superfood Salad with Honey Dressing Recipe

This salad is like a summer rainbow - packed with vital daily nutrients, in the form of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Eat this for plant based proteins, vitamins, irons, antioxidants, good fats & fibre.

Appeal - We Want to Hear Your Success Story

We are collecting YOUR HEALTH & WELL BEING stories. If you have used Indigo Herbs products and experienced significant improvement in your health & well being AND you want to shout out about it and share the positive news with others then get involved here.

Low Carb Almond Butter Bread Recipe

A slice of this bread is super moreish, loaded with protein from the almond butter which can help to stabilise blood super and build & repair the body. Flaxseeds and psyllium husks provide a good source of fiber in this bread recipe with the flax supplying good fats and omega-3.

The Wisdom of Natural Skincare with CNM

When you consider how absorbent our skin actually is the bottom line seems to be "Would you eat it?" and if you wouldn't then don't put it on your skin as it will most likely have a toxic effect.

Goldenseal & Marigold Emergency Healing Balm

The main ingredient Goldenseal is anti-microbial, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and astringent. This is further boosted by the addition of Marigold, one of nature's all round healing salves and is especially effective as a skin healer. This salve is a must have in any herbal medicine cabinet!

Why We Need Magnesium (What Happens When We Don't Have Enough?)

Nutritional therapist Vivien Allred reveals the five main processes our body needs magnesium for and which foods and supplements can help to provide that for us.

Chocolate Mocha Smoothie Recipe

This easy to make chocolate mocha smoothie combines chocolate, coffee, banana and vanilla to delight the tastebuds, while offering a hearty dose of protein, fibre, healthy fats and minerals such as potassium from the banana.
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