4 Reasons Why You Will Succeed
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09 January 2014
woman on a bike

It's that time of the year when we're all fed up with eating and drinking too much and we want to get fit and healthy again.

For some this is an easy process of reverting to the pre-holiday healthy lifestyle routine.  For others it is a matter of having increased desire to carve out a new lifestyle that is healthier than how life has been recently.  Here are 4 reasons why you will succeed.

1. You already have what you need to get active

Getting more active is a key point in improving your health.  Whatever activity you choose, making it a part of your lifestyle is just a matter of adjusting your routine to include the new activity.

Being more active can involve the gym, exercise machines, bicycles, swimming pools or any other fun and exciting products.  They are all optional however.  The only thing you need is something you already have ... your body.

So whether you decide to do a daily 10 minute workout in the lounge whilst the dinner cooks, go for a swim twice a week, start cycling to work or something more exciting, just choose something and start it and YOU HAVE ALREADY STARTED TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

2. You can access the best nutrition

Replacing poor nutrition foods with nutritionally dense superfoods in your daily eating habits will have a great effect on your life.  But the easiest place to control your nutrition is not when you're eating, it's when you shop.  That's because you can make more rational decisions when provisioning food than when you are about to eat it.  Want to cut down on toast and introduce superfoods to your breakfast?  Stop buying bread and buy fruit and wheatgrass instead.

This is only any useful advice if you know where to buy superfoods like wheatgrass from.  The good news is you have already found Indigo Herbs and ordering from our website is a doddle.  YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS.

3. You are going to have setbacks

This may sound counter intuitive but missing a training session or eating an entire pack of biscuits or guzzling a bottle of wine might happen and that is OK.  If it does happen, don't panic and certainly don't let it knock the wind out of your sails; just get back on course and carry on.  This is because overcoming setbacks are a part of succeeding.  In the words of the great martial artist Bruce Lee 'To me, defeat in anything is merely temporary. Defeat simply tells me that something is wrong in my doing; it is a path leading to success and truth.'  EXPERIENCING SETBACKS MEAN YOU ARE ALREADY BEING SUCCESSFUL

The timing is perfect

Making lifestyle changes is not always easy and doing so at the right time is crucial.  The period just after the winter holidays is a great time to do it.  The reason?  The likelihood is that right after the winter holiday season you are feeling like you really need a lifestyle improvement and are fed up with the extra cheese, booze and desserts.  Also, almost anything you do at this time, however small, will likely be an improvement on your Christmas lifestyle.  So now's a point when your motivation is up and your improvement bar is low.  YOU ARE GOING TO EXPERIENCE SUCCESS.


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