5 Herbs that Boost Collagen
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09 June 2021
5 Herbs that Boost Collagen

Healthy skin, nails, bones and connective tissue all need collagen to be strong and healthy. But what is collagen exactly? Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, found in our skin, bones, muscles, tendons – even in our blood vessels and digestive system. Collagen helps give our skin elasticity and strength. And it also replaces dead skin cells. The collagen present in our tendons and joints helps hold our bodies together.

It is often part of anti-aging conversations because collagen production naturally declines as we age, resulting in wrinkles and weaker bones and joints. Therefore, as we get older it is important that we consume high-quality collagen sources to help maintain beautiful skin and healthy joints, amongst so many other things.

And whilst we often think that collagen is available to us only through animal products, many herbs and superfoods can actually help our bodies boost collagen production naturally.

Herbs that are naturally high in silica, calcium and other minerals all assist in the strengthening and healing of bones and joints. These herbs also tend to have other healing properties that help in reducing inflammation. Here are 5 herbs that boost collagen.


Nettles grow abundantly across the English countryside as well as all of Europe, and were even used in ancient Egypt to alleviate arthritis. Nettles are high in minerals like silica and calcium, and is known for its healing and restorative qualities. To learn more about the healing properties of Nettle, check out our Nettle Benefits page. Shop our Nettle products here.


Horsetail is known as a “bone mender” and has been used in healing practices for millennia. It is remarkably high in silica as well as many other minerals that support its use as a bone strengthening herb. Read more about Horsetail benefits here. For Horsetail products, click here.

Fo-Ti / He Shou Wu

Fo-Ti has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, and is known as the elixir of life. This rejuvenating adaptogen is perhaps most popular for reversing grey hair. To learn more about Fo-Ti’s many benefits, check out our Fo-Ti Benefits page. Shop Fo-Ti products here.


Gynostemma is referred to as the “herb of immortality” in Asia, and is often consumed to increase energy, strength and stamina. It is a powerful adaptogen, similar to ginseng. Read more about Gynostemma benefits here. For Gynostemma products, click here.

Marigold / Calendula

Marigold is thought to be one of the earlier cultivated flowers, and have been used for millennia for its healing abilities. Marigold is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, best known for its abilities to assist in healing wounds and soothe skin irritations. To learn more about Marigold’s many benefits, read our Marigold Benefits page. Shop Marigold products here.