5 Ways to Feel Awesome this Autumn!
27 October 2020
5 ways to feel awesome this autumn

As the nights continue to draw in, the Sun subsequently wanes and the first morning frosts manifest their magical silvery shimmer, we are reminded of the natural splendour of the changing of the seasons as the wheel of the year rolls on…

Hello! I’m Gareth, a Nature loving Naturopath and in this blog I will share some of my top tips to stay feeling awesome this Autumn and onwards into the Winter.

1. Let it go!

Paper burningFor many of us, Autumn conjures images of golden-toned leaves gliding down from the trees above. We too are part of Nature and in the same way trees shed their leaves, the Autumn is a great time to reflect on our experience of the year so far and let go of that which no longer serves us as we prepare for Winter.

My favourite way to do this is by writing down on pieces of paper any feelings, emotions, behaviours, situations etc that no longer serve me and then utilise the cleansing and transformational element of fire. Cast the papers one by one into the fire, speaking out loud what you are letting go of. I also speak out loud to invite in positive energy such as love, prosperity and abundance and whatever else resonates every time I let something go into the flames.


2. Clear and Cleanse

smudge stickAutumn is also a great time for clearing and cleansing our homes. We can practise this by letting go of possessions that we no longer use or need by donating them to others or by other sustainable and responsible means. Once we have cleared, it is time to cleanse.

A great way to cleanse is through the burning of herbs (known as smudging), with White Sage being a popular choice due to its traditional use in purifying and dispelling negative energy. To smudge your home, light a small piece of sage on the leafy end of the smudge stick and then extinguish the flame after a few seconds and it will be begin to smoke and glow red. Walk around and waft it in the air, sending smoke into corners, walls, doorways, windows, the fire place and visualise the smoke dispelling any negative or stagnant energy and allowing fresh positive energy to enter the space. Once you have finished, dip the smoking part of the sage in sand or soil until it has fully extinguished.

You can buy your cleansing White Sage smudge stick by clicking here.


3. Bath Time Bliss

Bath and CandlesAfter a long and tiring day, what’s better on a chilly Autumn evening than a wonderful warming soak in the bath? Bathing is a form of hydrotherapy or water cure, that has been practiced for aeons. In addition to warming us up and promoting relaxation, the steam from a hot bath can help us to breathe easier and clear our chest and sinuses, a perfect remedy for any seasonal sniffles. The addition of some aromatherapy oils (6-8 drops) increases the therapeutic and sensory benefits of your bathing ritual. The classic soporific Lavender, or respiratory remedies like Eucalyptus or Tea Tree make great Autumnal additions to your baths. Check out some blissful aromatherapy blends here.

If you really want to crank up your self-care to 11, light some candles, put on some relaxing music or a guided meditation, grab a glass or cup of a decadent drink and enjoy the bath time bliss.


4. Helpful Herbs

rosehips in frostEarth’s natural pharmacy offers us many helpful herbs at this time of year. My top three herbs for keeping your immunity boosted and cold and flu bugs at bay are:

Rosehip (Rosa canina) Nature gifts us what we need at the time we most need it and during Autumn our hedgerow bushes become bejewelled with ruby-red rosehips, one of nature’s richest sources of vitamin C. Well known as a booster of immunity, vitamin C helps our white blood cells stay fighting fit to help banish any Autumn and Winter bugs. Click here for Rosehip products, the tincture is particularly potent and quick and easy to administer.

Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) Probably the most popular herb at this time of year, known for greatly reducing the chances of catching colds and decreasing the duration of such Autumnal ailments. Echinacea does this through stimulating the cellular immune response and by raising the body’s temperature. Take a look at Echinacea options here, again the tincture is more potent and the tea makes a pleasant medicinal winter warmer.

Elderberries (Sambucus nigra) Starring in my last blog, these small but powerful anti-viral berries are rich in compounds called flavonoids that give them potent immunity boosting powers plus their beautiful deep purple colour. Check out Elderberry products here, available as a tincture or tasty tea powder.


5. Soup-er Food Season!

soup and pumpkinsEating seasonally and in-tune with the natural climate that surrounds us is fundamental in a Naturopathic approach to nutrition. Food is utilised as medicine, therefore choosing the best quality you can afford is an important investment in your health. Autumn kicks off the season for soups, stews and other wonderful warming foods. Garlic, ginger and turmeric are great medicinal foods to form the basis for creating some great immune boosting broths.

In addition to a variety of vibrant vegetables that can be added, consider these fantastic organic beans, lentils or chickpeas. All are rich in a myriad of minerals, high in protein, full of fibre, great for gut health and as the majority of our immunity is in our gut, they’re necessary nourishment for nuking any nasties! 


Until next time, stay safe, be warm and my final tip is to keep moving. Movement keeps our immune systems cells circulating around our body’s and ready to battle those seasonal bugs!