Acai Berry Twitter Attack - Safe Acai Powder Links at Indigo Herbs
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15 December 2010
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Reported today - Twitter users have been caught out with Spam links loaded with a sophisticated virus.

Beware your tweeting ! Thousands of Twitter accounts have been hijacked and turned into slave spammers via adverts for Acai powder! Still unclear currently is how this attack is happening, but reports suggest that by clicking on advertisements for “acainews” the virus is activated.

This is a very fast spreading attack and one of the worst ever seen by Twitter.

On discovery of your Twitter account being hijacked we advise you to change you password straight away, and check to see if your account is linked to any unknown third party accounts. The Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury web team strongly advise not clicking any links with “acainews” in the URL. This situation simply highlights that once a trusted supplier has been found for Acai Berry Powder or any other Superfood powder or herbal supplement, it is good sense to stay with them.

At Indigo Herbs we offer are wide range Superfood Powders and Herbal Powders, all 100% pure and from the best sources. Our dispatch times and customer service are excellent and have tens of thousands of repeat and regular customers. Why expose yourself to dodgy scams for Acai powder, of which we have heard plenty?

We recently took a telephone call from an elderly lady who asked us whether if she buys Acai Powder from us, that we charge her credit card only the once. When questioned about this odd comment she informed us that the last Acai company she had tried to buy from had tried to sign her up to an extortionate monthly deal! This involved her card being charged with a monthly fee, and a very small amount of Acai powder arriving in the post, whether she wanted it or not. Indigo Herbs operate a simple buy as you need policy, for Acai powder and everything else we stock in our huge and ever expanding range.

We strongly believe that by offering Acai Powder and other superfood and herbal powders in excellent quality and for a fair price, our excellent customer service will ensure patrons return to us time and time again. Indigo Herbs can be found at

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