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Natural Pain Relief - Is There a Natural Pain Reliever?

06 Jul 2021

If you’re suffering from pain it’s too easy to seek relief via medication. However, medication often times comes with risks and side effects. If you've ever wondered what other options are available to you, that are natural, look no further.

15 Dec 2010

Acai Berry Twitter Attack - Safe Acai Powder Links at Indigo Herbs

Reported today - Twitter users have been caught out with Spam links loaded with a sophisticated virus.

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14 Dec 2010

The Sun stars Indigo Herbs as Authority on Incense Resins

When searching for an authority on incense resins, Britain's 'Sun' Newspaper naturally chose 'Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury,' as Indigo Herbs is well known for its huge and ever expanding range of incense resins and the expertise of its staff.

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