Anti-Aging Top Hacks for Longevity - Part 4
Superfoods and Nutrition
27 August 2020
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In our 4th and final instalment of Steve’s anti-aging journey, we look at the body holistically. Whilst feeding our body with nutrients that support optimum health is of great importance, it is equally important to look after our spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Spiritual Practices

Steve believes that vibrant health relates to living an authentic life and taking care of your inner life; emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

He meditates daily and studies under the Taoist master Mantak Chia. Mantak Chia is the founder of the “Universal Healing Tao System”, a system that is rooted in the ancient Chinese traditions of Taoism.

Mantak Chia’s teachings blend anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, genetics and the latest scientific research with the ancient wisdom of Tao to show that the human body is a remarkable thing. It carries a pharmacy within itself that is capable of miraculous feats of healing, if the knowledge of how to make use of sexual energy is understood.

Under Mantak Chia, Steve studies longevity and inner alchemy. This entails circulating the body’s natural energies, cultivating sexual energies and recycling them through the organs and glandular system. In the Tao, sexual energy is regarded as a very high form of energy if it is utilised in the correct way.

In this system, one of the most affected organs by lack of sexual energy is the brain. Doctors have discovered that if there is no sexual energy reaching the brain, it shrinks, gets old and dies. Mantak teaches how to take the sexual energy up to revitalise the brain and make it healthier, stronger and to increase knowledge and alertness. This is seen as the major key to longevity.

Since the early 2000’s, Steve has also been following the Kristic Ascension Teachings and energetic synthesis. This works around the premise that the expansion of consciousness affects all at a deeply cellular level.

Woman yoga and meditating, silhouette on nature sunset backgroundEmotional Health

Much information is surfacing about the impact of our emotions on our physical health. Eating the best diet you can and supplementing with herbs, superfoods and appropriate supplements will go a long way to keep you in physical and emotional health. However, incorporating deeper spiritual practices into one’s life can instil a sense of peace and serenity and enable a clearer connection to emotions.

Stress is a huge factor in not only the general aging process, but in one’s overall state of health and well-being. Incorporating time in your life for focus on the inner world can be extremely helpful to de-stress and shift one’s perspective to see the bigger picture.

Practitioners of holistic health and illness recognise health as more than the absence of disease. Realising that humans are dynamic beings whose state of health can change from day to day or even from hour to hour, leaders in the holistic health field suggest that it is better to think of each person as being located on a graduated scale or continuous spectrum (continuum) ranging from obvious dire illness, through the absence of discernible disease, to a state of optimal functioning in every aspect of one's life. High-level wellness is described as a dynamic process in which the individual is actively engaged in moving toward fulfilment of his or her potential.

Holistic health can be described as – A relative state in which one is able to function well physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually in order to express the full range of one's unique potentialities within the environment in which one is living. In the words of René Dubos, “health is primarily a measure of each person's ability to do and become what he wants to become.” 

Ultimately, what started as Steve’s quest for longevity and anti-aging became a quest for true holistic health. This, he feels he is achieving day by day and he hopes you can too!