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An Indigo Perspective
05 June 2018
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We’d love to hear your stories about the herbs, superfoods and nutritional supplements that have made a significant impact on your health.  Some of you may feel really positive about sharing your story with other people so they can benefit themselves. If this is you then read on...

Our plan is to share these health & wellbeing success stories with the general public so that the positive news gets out there, so you'd be giving us permission to share your story in the media. We will make sure you feel 100% happy with how we represent you. We realise that your health stories involve overcoming personal obstacles such as pain, illness and life’s challenges so we guarantee that we will handle your story with TLC and only share it with the purpose of inspiring other people with positivity. 

Just to keep things fun, everyone who does send us their story will be entered into a prize draw and the winner will receive a £50 gift voucher to spend at Indigo Herbs.

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Closing Date for Stories: September 5th

If you have a success story you'd love to share with everyone then please do get back to us & tell us your story by clicking here.

If you do prefer to leave your story in the comments below please leave us your email address too so we can enter you into our prize draw and get back to you. 

Here's an example - 

My Story: 
Claire Kelly
About Me: Co-founder of Indigo Herbs, mum of 3. Lover of yoga and nature.
My Story:  I have always had a faulty digestive system! And its always been psychological for me too. When my digestive system is not working i feel a bit bonkers. When it is - i can think straight and feel calm and at peace in my body. Recent studies show that our gut is like a second brain and there are correlations between mental wellbeing and our gut health. I'm better off on a free-from diet. Gluten doesnt work for me and when i gave up dairy for ethical reasons my lifelong eczema cleared up completed and hasn't reoccured in over 3 years! I really try to look after my gut and i take Chlorella tablets daily to keep my digestive tract alkalised and ensure i have the optimum vitamins and minerals each day. Sometimes i take Chlorella powder in a morning smoothie. I feel like green algae is essential for me now and i feel comforted to know i'm topping up my greens even when i dont eat much dark green leafy veg. The alkalising effects of Chlorella keep my digestive system in harmony and i'm much less likely to have IBS flare-ups.


I used to drink a lot of sweet black coffee, in excess of 10 cups a day as it was my go to drink. Sadly, I was unable to give up the three teaspoons of sugar that accompanied each cup until I tried coconut sugar. Not sure if it’s the taste, which is more like brown sugar than the refined white I was used to, but unlike any previous substitute, I have now been white sugar free for 8 weeks. I have also managed to reduce my coffee intake to one or two cups a week. I have also changed to a gluten and dairy free diet and feel much better for it. The gluten free came about as a result of going on holiday with a friend who followed a gluten free diet. To save the hassle over cooking normal and gluten free products I agreed to try the gluten free and got on well with everything - although I do find the bread very dry if eaten without being toasted. Still, I was surprised at how much better I felt and the extra energy I had. I went dairy free earlier this year as I was fed up with the chronic stomach pain that followed after eating dairy products. I have to admit that drinking rich, creamy almond milk is a far better experience than the weak and watery skimmed milk I used to have. Whilst I realise that this regime may not suit everyone, I am happy with my choices

I have been using Echinacea from Indigo Herbs for around 2 years, I have to say that ABSOLUTELY this is the herb for me. I am a Type 1 Diabetic which means I have an auto immune disease so should pick colds and flu up easier than someone who doesn't have Diabetes. I have been around colds/infections a lot including a 12 hour flight there and back surrounded by people coughing. I up my dose when I know I have been around infections and I may feel tired for a day or two but it passes. At Christmas I was in peoples houses who were very ill and yet again echinacea saved the day. I have used various other echinacea products (not from Indigo Herbs) and the quality has been no where as good, nor the results. Their tincture actually makes your mouth tingle its so fresh, amazing quality. I also love dealing with Indigo Herbs, efficient, friendly and 1st class service. Thank you so much x

I suffered for years every winter with pesky painful itchy swellings on my toes and fingers. One year it got so bad my fingers swelled up like sausages. I went to the doctor who said he could give me steroid cream. I didn't want to go down that route - then miraculously remembered some of my herbalism course from years before - ginger and hawthorn berries. Made a tea for three days three times a day and the fingers went back to normal. Have hardly had any chillblains at all since. Five years on I forget I ever used to get them.

I got Lyme's disease from a tick bite, a heavy infestation of the bacteria that numbed my face, made me violently, continuously, sick and gave me really bad headaches. I had previously been reading up about sugar alcohols, birch-sap (xylitol) in particular, and had been intrigued to find that it doesn't interact with bacteria, yeasts, fungi or virus all of which apparently feast on blood sugar. OK, I thought, so bacteria are living things and have behaviour, what do they do? Lyme's bacteria morph into different shapes and occupy all sorts of cells, only coming into the bloodstream to feed. I used two teaspoons of xylitol and 6 drops of oreganol six times every day, and within two weeks was able to function normally again. I have since had an allergic sensitivity to some foods, but apart from that Lyme's went. The bacteria come into the bloodstream to feed and then become vulnerable to immune system defences as they are weakened. I know it sounds far-fetched, but I have told this to many people who have suffered horrific problems from tick-bites and they have reported similar improvements. Never ever let a dog anywhere near xylitol or food cooked with it as it is lethal for dogs who have no apparatus for digesting alcohoi sugars and it sends their system into shock from which they might not recover. But it has improved the health of many of my friends who had been plagued with chronic problems like bronchitis, sinus, etc. Hope this helps.

I've suffered with Ptsd and Pbd for a few years, the sypmtoms came out of nowhere from past abuse, and have never left me since. Its turned my life at the time upside down and had to leave work due to the symptoms. I have been on a lot of medications that have never helped or been very addictive, and have made me worse off. After so long I wanted to try something natural to try help myself. Help myself calm down when I'm heightened in fear or emotion. It has been so hard to live with, so im grateful I finally found indigo herbs. I use wild lettuce tea, chamomile tea and cat nip tea,Through out the day. And these have really impacted on calming me down. And helping me get through daily life easier, and sleep which was very difficult. I recommend this to others in my situation and they to have had benifits from them In their own ways. Obviously I have to have more psycholgical therpay to help the actual issue. But in the mean time these teas have helped me more than any medication I have had. It's made a huge difference for my life.

I reach for Echinacea from Indigo Herbs every single winter. My mom has sworn by this specific product since I was a kid and I always take my mom's advice. I recently also added Spirulina and Maca powders to my diet, to improve my hormonal balance and plant-based nutrients intake, specifically iron, since I've had a deficiency since the age of six. Being a lady makes this worse with the monthly cycles, but I've seen an immense improvement since adding these items to my life.

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