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23 Jun 2017

How To Have a Happy Healthy Menopause - The Way of the Homeopath

Classical homeopath Lizzie Smith eloquently describes the perimenopause as a transition from fertility to wisdom. Taking a truly holistic approach to this often misunderstood time of life, find out how to nurture your mind, body and soul through this rite of passage that all women take in their ...

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08 Jun 2017

The Six Day Juice Cleanse

Early summer is great time to detox the body and mind, and Juice fasting is a powerful way to support the body in a process of deep release and repair. Juice fasting can significantly improve your health and well being with long term health symptoms easing up and improved daily vitality levels. ...

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05 May 2017

How To Boost Your Mood With Food and Herbs

Discover the connection between the foods we consume and the effect it has on our mood. Find out how to combat stress and anxiety, the connection between the gut and the brain, foods for sleep and brain boosting herbs!

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21 Apr 2017

How To Have a Happy Healthy Menopause - The Way Of The Herbalist

Is it possible to have a happy healthy peri-menopause? Lets face it a time of a woman's life that doesn't have the best reputation, but can natural health care including herbs and foods change that? In Part One of a blog series - We turn to the Medical Herbalist to find out.

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07 Feb 2017

Why Parents of Young Children Need Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Has your sex life hit the bucket since you received the title of mummy or daddy? It’s a well-known fact that many parents of young children are frankly too tired to care about their own or their partners satisfaction and are utterly exhausted and de-sexualised by a 24hr round of baby and toddler ...

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17 Nov 2016

Natural Hangover Cures with Superfoods & Herbs

It's almost the season to be merry once more, bringing with it endless rounds of drinks and buffets. Whilst it is always better to restrain from over indulgence, sometimes we just have that one too many and live to regret it the next day! Here are some herbs and superfoods to help your body ...

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11 Jan 2016

Herbs for Everyday Living short courses

Ever wanted to learn more about Herbs For Everyday Living? Then why not join CNM for a short course?

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29 May 2015

Sports Nutrition - making strides forward with plant power!

We have sold Hemp Protein powder for a few years, and it’s been very popular, one of our best sellers in fact, so we have been on the lookout for similar excellent quality protein extractions from other grains and seeds.

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13 May 2015

High Protein product launch from Indigo Herbs

Indigo Herbs are pleased to launch 2 new product ranges - our Organic Raw Seed and Nut Butters and our Organic Vegan Protein Powders. Both are high in protein, and make an excellent ingredient choice for vegans, those that are dairy-free and anyone who wishes to focus on a diet rich in protein ...

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08 Apr 2015

It's a dairy-free life for me...

There are many reasons why you might have chosen (or indeed be thinking about chosing) to live a dairy-free life. Find out more about how to get your RDA (recommended daily amount) of both protein and calcium, and be inspired by our dairy free recipe collection.

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25 Feb 2015

Vision for New Products for Indigo Herbs 2015

Indigo Herb's main aim is and has always been to make herbs and superfoods and natural health ingredients affordable and acessible, so in this spirit Steve Mckewon, founder and MD of Indigo is on the hunt for effective, interesting, new botanicals to add to our global apothecary.

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27 Jan 2015

Best Aphrodisiac Food For Women

There is only one aphrodisiac food for women besides oysters and asparagus, that is guaranteed to get a women in the mood for love and that is...

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12 Jan 2015

A balanced approach to Detoxing the Body

Find out more about the gentle balanced approach to detoxifying the body. Learn about the Herbs and Superfoods with a long traditional use of cleansing and purifying.

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18 Dec 2014

New Year..New You

Another New Year - THAT moment when you feel like you should make the change, turn over a new leaf, begin again.

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12 Dec 2014

How to Eat a Rainbow

How to Eat a Rainbow - Magical Raw Vegan Recipes for Kids! More about the inspired and inspiring author Ellie Bedford

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08 Dec 2014

Have a Happy Healthy Festive Season

Have a happy and healthy mid-winter festivities from all the crew at Indigo Herbs

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