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11 Oct 2011

Lucuma Pretzels Recipe

Indigo Herbs customer and author of the 'Let's bake today' blog, Karin Momberg has invented a new twist to an old favourite recipe - Lucuma Pretzels. And what's more, Karin has generously agreed to share the recipe here at Indigo Herbs. I must say they certainly look delicious in Karin's photo's ...

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04 Oct 2011

Wheatgrass & Spirulina Powder Making Superfood Shots - a new method

Knowing how to make superfood shots, like wheatgrass juice and spirulina, from their powders, is essential if you want to include a useful amount of these superfoods in your diet. There are of course many methods for doing this and from talking to some of our customers I know that different ...

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