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11 Oct 2011

Lucuma Pretzels Recipe

Indigo Herbs customer and author of the 'Let's bake today' blog, Karin Momberg has invented a new twist to an old favourite recipe - Lucuma Pretzels. And what's more, Karin has generously agreed to share the recipe here at Indigo Herbs. I must say they certainly look delicious in Karin's photo's ...

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04 Oct 2011

Wheatgrass & Spirulina Powder Making Superfood Shots - a new method

Knowing how to make superfood shots, like wheatgrass juice and spirulina, from their powders, is essential if you want to include a useful amount of these superfoods in your diet. There are of course many methods for doing this and different methods fit into different lifestyles...

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15 Dec 2010

Acai Berry Twitter Attack - Safe Acai Powder Links at Indigo Herbs

Reported today - Twitter users have been caught out with Spam links loaded with a sophisticated virus.

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14 Dec 2010

The Sun stars Indigo Herbs as Authority on Incense Resins

When searching for an authority on incense resins, Britain's 'Sun' Newspaper naturally chose 'Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury,' as Indigo Herbs is well known for its huge and ever expanding range of incense resins and the expertise of its staff.

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