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11 Apr 2017

Celebrating New Life & Fertility - Beltane is Here!

For most of our evolutionary history humankind has had a close connection with nature - indeed the weather conditions could be a matter of life or death! So how did we celebrate the passing of the seasons? Find out more about the important Celtic Fire Festival of Beltane.....

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30 Mar 2017

Moroccan Delights & Arabian Nights – A Tantalising Taste of North Africa

Journey with us to Morocco, Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula - home to some of the tastiest and healthiest dishes in the world. Try our deliciously exotic vegan recipes - Delicately Spiced Fennel & Chickpea Tagine, Rose, Raspberry and Almond Smoothie Bowl, and much more....

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07 Mar 2017

Why Do I Get IBS & What Can I Do About It?

It's IBS Awareness Month! With this debilitating condition affecting between 10% - 20% of the UK's population, we had a look at the recent research and evidence on how to deal with the symptoms. Healing herbs, foods that heal the gut, root causes and much more.....

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01 Mar 2017

How To Unlock The Spring Magic This Equinox

The time of equal day and night, the Spring Equinox is upon us. It's time to say goodbye to the long, dark cold nights and welcome the return of the light. A time of year inextricably linked with Easter, we take a look at how these two festivals weave together.

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28 Feb 2017

Harness the Power of Ancient Andean Superfoods

Continuing our trip around the world with the Indigo Herbs Global Kitchen, this month we take a look at some powerful superfoods that originate in South America. With a rich, ancient history and colourful cultures that persist to this day, journey with us to Brazil, Mexico and more.... with lots ...

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15 Feb 2017

Ditch that Diet - Common Diet Myths Busted

Dieting is so last century. "Dieting" (aka starving ourselves) is NOT the way to lose weight, in fact this ultimately leads to more weight gain in the long run. Diet myths busted and what we can do to achieve our ideal weight and stay there.

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27 Jan 2017

Imbolc - Celebrating the First Spark of Spring!

Spring is in the air! Imbolc marks the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox and is a celebration of beginning and growth. Find out what our ancestors got up to and why this time of year was so important to celebrate. Includes some delicious traditional recipes with a vegan ...

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11 Jan 2017

Ancient Superfoods for Modern Healing

Welcome to Indigo Herbs Global Kitchen! Home to healing herbs, super-spices and one of the most ancient healing systems on earth, we take a trip to India. Discover the history, culture and what led this vibrant country down its unique culinary path - including some delectable, vegan super-spiced ...

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16 Dec 2016

Ancient Rites & Dark Nights - Winter Solstice Celebrations

As the longest night approaches and Winter Solstice is upon us, we take a look at some ancient traditions that most of us still honour each Christmas. Includes 2 great recipes for Superfood Hot Chocolate and a Pure Vegan Chocolate Yule Log!

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24 Oct 2016

Samhain - Summer's End

The veil between the seen and unseen is said to be at its thinnest as the Wheel of the Year turns to Samhain. A time for introspection and the honouring of our ancestors, for we are descendants of the survivors of old. Perhaps the most famous of the greater sabbats, find out more about this ...

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20 Oct 2016

Myrrh Tincture Vs Coconut Oil - Benefits For Your Dental Health

Myrrh Tincture and Coconut Oil are both renowned natural alternatives to commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes. Find out more about how they compare and which one will be of the most benefit to your dental health in this article.

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13 Oct 2016

Beat the Winter Blues with our Top 5 Motivational Herbs & Superfoods

Need some motivation as the colder weather sets in? Nature is on hand with some amazing herbs, renowned for their ability to boost energy and improve mental clarity. Couple these with an array of Superfoods that provide your body with the perfect nutrition to achieve your aims and you certainly ...

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12 Sep 2016

Autumn Equinox - A Time of Reflection and Balance

The Wheel of the Year turns and Autumn Equinox is here. The harvest is over, with this time of year being traditionally celebrated as a time of abundance and blessing for Mother Nature. Find out how the energy of balance may assist you as the nights draw in and we wind down into the colder ...

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14 Jul 2016

Celebrating Lammas/Lughnasadh – Festival of the First Harvest

The Fruits of the First Harvest are here at Lammas! Also known as Lughnasadh after the Celtic Sun God Lugh, find out more about the importance of this festival in our not too distant past....

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17 Jun 2016

Midsummer Madness! Celebrating Summer Solstice...

We're half way through the Wheel of the Year and Summer Solstice is here! The longest day and shortest night marks, for many, the true start of summer - so why should we celebrate the passing of the seasons...?

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18 Mar 2016

5 Easy Ways to Harness the Power of Chaga!

**Experts Choice** Placed in a Kingdom of their own, apart from plants and animals, mushrooms are truly unique. Revered by some of the world's greatest healing systems, find out how you can incorporate "The King of the Medicinal Mushrooms" - Chaga - into your life!

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