Best Aphrodisiac Food For Women
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27 January 2015
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There is only one aphrodisiac food for women besides oysters and asparagus, that is guaranteed to get a women in the mood for love and that is...




I welcome anyone to contest this point that i make here. Find me a woman who disagrees.

Chocolate is .... many things.

  • The perfect gift that says all the right things....i love you, your special, lets celebrate.
  • The most deliciously tasting treat with the most heavenly aroma. (The smell alone is thought to be an aphrodisiac)
  • Just plain sexy, and that little bean knows just which happy feel good brain chemicals to switch on.
  • Stimulating.... so will keep you awake and energised right through the night!
  • The perfect companion for the fresh ripe strawberry.
  • The best aphrodisiac food for women.

Ok we all know what we really need is good old fashioned sexual chemistry ....... nobody is denying that. However sometimes a girl needs the right kind of mood setting and those feel good phytochemical brain receptors turned to green for go.

Here's where a little bit of delicious raw chocolate, the best aphrodisiac food for women...... can lend a hand. Raw chocolate is just brimming with over 300 feel good phyto chemicals, most of which are destroyed in the normal roasted kind. It's these phytochemicals including theobromine and anandamide that are responsible for feeling the love vibe and for things getting going and perhaps a little bit steamed up.

Ok so who ever got turned on from a bar of chocolate?

Well chocolate works on many levels. The phyto chemical content responsible for the feel good feeling is largely destroyed in 'normal roasted chocolate', so it's true to say you may not feel so different from a bar of normal shop bought milk chocolate.However this phyto nutrient content remains intact in Raw Chocolate.

Firstly this dark mysterious temptress works on the spirits, remember the Mayans imbibed raw chocolate to lift them into a state of ecstasy.

Secondly chocolate has the power to influence the mind, as we all know the language of love can be spoken in flowers and chocolate.

Thirdly the body and emotions respond to the taste, aroma and phytochemistry of the temptress that is raw may come to know that feeling of pure heaven when the delicious mysterious Lady Cacao has taken you to sensual erotic realms.

Pure, Raw, Chocolatey and Potent

Raw chocolate is stronger than the roasted kind, it's purer (no dairy) and it's the real mayan medicine. Aphrodisiacs are often about experiencing the finer things in life, so pure raw chocolate fits the bill as the best aphrodisiac food for women.

Why not make your own raw chocolate bars for valentines day? Its fun, sensual and very easy to do.



Raw Chocolate has become very trendy over the past couple of years as people are turning onto the benefits of the unroasted Cacao Bean.

You can purchase the ready made bars (We make our own range of Indigo Pure Raw Chocolate Bars) however making your own raw chocolate is much easier than you would imagine. You can also add a little extra flavour or a natural herbal aphrodisiac powder (for extra power) if you wish.

Indigo Herbs Pure Raw Passion Chocolate bar is flavoured with orange essential oil and fortified with the Amazonian aphrodisiac herbal extract Clavohuasca Powder and Ayurvedic aphrodisiac herbal Mucuna Pruriens Powder (also known as Kapickachu) . Both these herbal powders blend very well into the chocolate mixture and have a traditional history of use as potent feel good aphrodisiacs.

So why not indulge in this delicious, nutritious best aphrodisiac food for women .....Raw Chocolate this Valentine's?

Visit our Raw Chocolate page for Gift Sets, Making Kits, Ingredients, our Indigo Pure Raw chocolate range and full instructions on How To.

Who is Raw Chocolate for?

Any girl who fancies a bit of indulgance, and a bit of decadance, but also likes to be healthy and pure, someone who enjoys a natural high and wants to explore the mysteries of this euphoric mayan magic. It's also vegan, gluten & dairy free so great for us girls on a special diet. And if there's any left well who knows we might be up for sharing...

Try our Indigo Pure Raw Chocolate bars, or one of our lovely raw chocolate making kits, or buy the single raw ingredients from us....

Indigo Herbs Chocolate


Here's our How To Make Raw Chocolate Video, which shows the super easy simple stages involved....





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