Bloggers Required

Dear Blogger,

Thank you for responding to our Bloggers required advert. It was a pleasure to discover your blog. We’d really like to work with you and we’d like you to choose a product bundle or individual product that you think would most suit your blog and your follower’s interests.

We have a range of different product bundles profiled here, so its important to go with a subject matter that you think your followers would be inspired by. We would like you to get creative and make a recipe including some or all of the ingredients in the bundle.

Alternatively We also have 3 individual products profiled here (at the bottom) if you would like to do a product review.




Which Bundle is for you?


Please let me know which bundle or individual product might appeal to you and your followers. I have designed the product bundles around a health theme, so this might help you fine tune to your interest group.

All our products are premium quality, and mostly Organic, and are from suppliers who trade fairly and practise an attitude of respect towards our enviroment.


Blog to schedule


We’d like to know when you are planning / scheduling your blog including these ingredients. As soon as you've gone live we'd love you to send us a link so we can get social about it on twitter, facebook and google plus.

We will of course need the address to which you would like to receive your bundle at.

The products will be posted by courier and will need to be signed for on arrival. (To arrive mid-week)

What we'd like


So just a quick review on what we are looking for:

  1. We’d like you to write a product review on your blog if you go for the single product.
  2. Or (for the creative) we’d like to invite you to compose a recipe which includes one or some of these ingredients in your chosen bundle to publish on your blog.
  3. We’d really love a Link to the product page, herbal information page or a relevant category page. Our site is huge and we’ve found from experience that viewers prefer a link to relevant area of the site.
  4. We’d like to be able to share your recipe on our recipe pages, so we’d like permission to re-use the content and images that you create. We’ll also credit the recipe and images to you with a link through to your blog.
  5. Additionally we’ll do lots of social chat and sharing about the blog when it goes live so our followers get to find out about you too.

Our Company Mission


Our company mission is to support people take responsibility for their health by making excellent quality herbs and superfoods available and affordable. We are passionate about pure unadulterated natural whole medicinal herbs and foods. We hope you love our products and thoroughly enjoy getting creative and healthy with them.

Looking forward to working with you

Looking forward to working with you.

And cheers to your very good health

Yours Claire Kelly

Marketing & Communications


Order online now at

Or call 01458 831 447 Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm UK time

on 4 February 2015 - 4:08pm

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