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17 September 2014
Super foods in spoons and bowls

What do you get when you take 9 lovely ladies and a goody bundle of Indigo Herbs products?

Some pretty gorgeous recipes and great new ideas for getting super healthy. Big Thank you to all the bloggers who got involved and put Indigo Herbs ingredients to the test. Some of our ladies were super healthy superfood pros and some were dipping their toe in the water for the very first time, so there is a blogging mentor here for everyone.

Bloggers Superfood Challenge

Raw Chocolate…easy to make at home?
So first up in the Raw Chocolate corner we have The Divine ‘Choclette’, who as a chocolate connoisseur, writes her blog ALL about Chocolate. She is a chocolate making pro and in this blog “Playing around with Raw Chocolate” she gives step by step instruction on how to make delicious and appealing Raw Chocolate.

Choclette takes us through the basic & advanced Raw Chocolate making stages, as she works hard at getting a professional look and feel with her plain chocolate, AND also goes on to try out added flavours and textures, for her final result she uses delightful moulds of spoons, buttons and shells. This is a great “How To” for Raw Chocolate makers and contains a few tricks of the trade to achieve a smooth professional result. Enjoy Choclette's instructional Blog here.

Raw Chocolate Spoons & Buttons
Our other Raw Chocolate expert is the delightful ‘Free From Fairy’, who specialises in recipes that are free from gluten and dairy. Most main stream Cocoa powders are not completely gluten free especially if they are made in a factory handling oats and cereals. However Indigo Herbs 70% Criolla Peruvian Cacao Powder is gluten free, and The Free From Fairy was able to work her magic and put together some great combinations.

Healthy Seedy Snack bars and Raw Chocolate stars are just some of the delights that came out of The Free From Fairy’s kitchen. Vicki is a mum to a gluten & largely dairy free 5 year old so she has heaps of solutions on how to keep recipes appealing, delicious and nutritious, and her Seedy Snack Bars are gorgeous. Discover more about her child friendly treats in this blog “Healthy Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Nut-free, Egg-free, Sugar-free Snack Bars!”

Raw Chocolate from The Free From Fairy

Check out the wonderful 100% pure raw Indigo Herbs chocolate making ingredients that these ladies used in their recipes, and to make things super easy for the beginners out there we also make an easy to use Raw Chocolate Making kit, with a recipe and pre-weighed ingredients.

Absolute Beginners?
Lily Doughball’s blog is fun, zaney and full of creativity, and when this gal is not knitting, she’s getting crafty or creative in the kitchen, however Lily was challenged when it came to breakfast. So we decided to give her the week long breakfast smoothie challenge and packed off a box of superfood goodies including Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Acai and Maca powders.

So you can read here how Lily surrenders the sugar puffs and creates a whole week of pretty inspiring smoothies, and now Indigo Herbs can relax as our mission is complete, one Superfood convert and some very nice recipes to share. My favourite is Peanut, Cacao & Maca smoothie for Tuesday. Check out Lily's week of Superpowered Smoothies here.

Check out our Superfoods page here. Here we profile many of the ingredients that Lily has used in her recipes.

lily doughball superfood challenge

Putting the Glam into Superfoods- Thanks Ladies

These two ladies need their energy levels to stay perked up, as they are both dedicated to training and know that supernutrition can boost sports performance. Lady Lipstick is a Rollar Derby Queen and keeps us inspired in style with her blog “Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra”, and Tamzin Sparkles does just that as a nutritionist and personal trainer AND author of the blog “Salad & Sequins”

A day in the Life of Ms Lipstick involves a breakfast superfood smoothie with Hemp Protein powder. She whips up some Peanut, Hemp & Spirulina Balls to snack on after Rollar Derby training and gets home to Chicken with garlic, Flax & Hulled Hemp Seeds for dinner. She’s bang on here as well because Hemp is packed with protein which is great for repairing muscles when working out, and keeping the energy levels stable and vibrant.

Tamzin Sparkles loves her smoothies and she has put together 5 delicious & nutritious recipes including Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Hemp protein powder, Beetroot & Acai powder, which are packed with anti-oxidants, and great for recovering after intense exercise. These ladies are raising the bar for me when it comes down to Superpowers!

Find out more about herbs & Superfoods for Sports Performance Page here.

Lipstick & Sequins Superfood Challenge

Keeping it Rosie

Already dedicated to her morning smoothies, the lovely lady who brings us the blog A Rosie Outlook” was delighted to put some of our 100% pure nutrient dense Superfoods to the test. We sent her products with health benefits that we knew would help her meet her fitness goals.

  • Firstly Wheatgrass powder - packed with a wide selection of natural bio-available vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, chlorophyll, amino-acids, fatty acids and live enzymes.
  • Secondly Spirulina powder - a premium quality, nutrient rich food. This blue-green Algae has many health benefits. It is a natural source of functional vitamins & minerals, high in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and a good source of B12. It is also high in protein with 64.2g per 100g, and to add to that a vegetarian source of protein!
  • Because we knew she liked the colour purple – we sent her Acai Berry powder, Beetroot powder and Purple corn extract powder - all deserving of their title Superfood. They are all rich in antioxidants, a source of vitamins, minerals and a dense nutrition natural energy boost. It’s their wonderful colour pigmentation that delivers to us beneficial phytochemicals and micro-nutrients that our bodies recognise and love.
  •  As Rosie is a self-confessed herbal tea disciple we sent over our Rise & Shine tea blend: This uplifting, refreshing synergy of herbs is both stimulating and clarifying for the mind and body. It is worth replacing your wake up beverage with this delicious treat of a tea, or infusing a pot of this blend mid afternoon as a pick me up? Zingy Ginger and Peppermint go well with brain boosting Rosemary and Ginkgo, all balanced out with the subtle undertones of herby Calendula and Nettle.
  • Last but not least we sent over our favourite Banana Powder as it tastes so good, (and is a source of Potassium).

Find out more about how Rosie Supercharged her smoothies here.

Superfood challenge for A Rosie Outlook


The Lovely yummy mummy who brings us "A spoonful of style", offers us some on trend ideas for making our superfoods not only be nutricious but also delicious. Following in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham she road tests our Beepollen Grains and comes up with a great breakfast muesli serving suggestion, she also whips up a couple of Superhealthy green smoothie recipes that are both tempting but packed with anti-oxidants. Catch her top tips on her blog here
super stylish superfood challenge

Staying bang on trend the lovely Michelle, the creator of Foodie Blog "Ananyah" has created a daily Supergreens shot recipe with the hugely popular Coconut Water, she has also brought together fresh berries with the slow-dried superberry powders, to make a delicious breakfast suggestion. check out her delicious recipes here.

Superfood Smoothie

A huge thank you to all the Bloggers for these lovely product reviews and recipes. Superfoods and Herbs can be delicious and and nutricious and can form part of your daily routine and become a staple food. Why not get going and give yourself a boost, by trying out one of these ladies serving suggestions. Why not join Lily Doughball and try out her week of Superfood Smoothies? Or if you want to recover faster after a workout take a leaf out of the glamourous Lipstick & Lycra or Salad & Sequins book? Once you've tried Raw Chocolate you will not believe that healthy food can be this good so why not give it a go with The Free From Fairy or Choclette? 

The team at Indigo Herbs would like to wish you all the best in you endeavours, so go on, dive in and give it a go. 

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