Six Top Tips For Spring Detox
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24 March 2018
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Spring Detox for Optimal Health and Weight-loss

Are you feeling a little sluggish, or noticing your skin isn’t as bright and clear as it once was?  Each day our bodies are overburdened with the job of processing a host of toxins from dietary, chemical and environmental factors that put our liver into overdrive pushing it to work extra hard to detoxify and cleanse the body. It is true that our bodies have a very sophisticated in-built detoxification system via the liver, and other organs of elimination, being the lungs, skin, kidneys, lymph and bowels, however, due to our modern lifestyles these processes can slow-down right down, leaving us to feel suboptimal, experiencing symptoms, including headaches, bloating, fatigue and joint pain, to name a few!

The good news is, we can incorporate some effective cleansing strategies into our life each day to support detoxification and improve wellbeing. These can be simple things such as including more fresh fruit, and vegetables, or for those looking to embark on a complete overhaul, either for weight-loss or general wellbeing, working with an accredited Nutritional Therapist or Herbalist is recommended. They will design a personalised detoxification protocol that is best suited for your individual needs.

1. Have a green juice, or smoothie for Breakfast

It takes a lot of effort to digest a big meal, both mechanically and chemically as the enzymes involved in breaking down and processing a meal can leave our liver over worked, especially if overtime we are constantly eating foods that are not supportive of optimal health. Giving our digestive system a break every now and again goes a long way. A green juice or smoothie is a fantastic way to promote internal cleansing as the juice is easy to digest and loaded with nutrients. Put one large handful of berries into the blender, add a large handful of spinach, some pineapple, and filtered water to reach your preferred consistency and blend thoroughly. If you are feeling adventurous you can add some spirulina to make a fantastic nutrient-rich blend.  

2. Cut out the culprit foods

Removing culprit foods for a short timeframe can do wonders for freeing up the job of the liver. Having a week free of animal fats, sugars, white flour, dairy and alcohol is a good starting point.  Increase your intake of fresh raw food. For breakfast try a juice, or fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. Have a large raw salad at lunch and have a large helping of homemade vegetable soup with lots of green leafy vegetables for your evening meal.

Turmeric is a wonderful liver cleansing herb that promotes detoxification. Adding turmeric to soups or drinking turmeric and ginger tea can really give your liver a helping hand when it comes to cleansing.

3. Eat your greens & go organic!

Vegetables are a staple for any detox protocol as they are loaded with micronutrients, fibre and easily absorbed as part of the digestion process. Eat artichokes, peppers, beetroots, brussel sprouts, and broccoli daily, and opt for organic produce that is pesticide free, as this will ensure you are minimising the toxic load from non-organic produce that is usually heavily sprayed with chemicals.

4. Sleep well

Getting enough sleep is also key to good health and wellbeing.  When you are at rest, your body is doing its regeneration and repair work. Make sure you are getting at least 8 hours sleep a night and take some extra time for yourself when detoxing to allow your body the chance to restore, repair and reoptimize.

5. Brush your skin & enjoy a Bath!   

The skin is the bodies largest detox organ. Dry brushing helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is a major route for detox. Use a stiff bristle brush before you take a bath or shower brush the entire surface of your skin, working from the extremities in towards the heart, brushing in circulate motions. Enjoying a relaxing Epsom Salt bath is also therapeutic and promotes detoxification as the Epsom salts contain sulphur a cofactor involved in promoting liver detoxication phases.

6. Hydrate, with the right kind of liquids.

Drinking warm water with fresh lemon juice in the morning before breakfast is a great way to wake up the organs after a long rest, promoting bile flow, and starting digestion. Consume at least two liters of filtered water throughout the day. If possible avoid caffeine – rather than only coffee, and experiment with herbal teas.  Nettle and dandelion are particularly good for detoxing and nourishing our liver.

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