Gift Sets at Indigo Herbs
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08 December 2020
Gift Sets at Indigo Herbs

Not sure what you get your loved ones this holiday season? Let us do the work for you. We’ve got some lovely gift sets at Indigo Herbs that are sure to make anyone feel special.

Incense Collection Gift Set 

The Incense Collection Gift Set is a beautifully presented gift set, which contains 100% pure Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin natural resins, as well as a beautiful brass incense burner and charcoal discs. You can blend the natural resins together or choose to burn as single incenses. Packaged in recyclable materials. 

Incense has been burned for millennia to invoke a relaxing, uplifting atmosphere and aid in meditation. 

Other incense and resins we carry include: 

Relax and Unwind Gift Set 

The Relax and Unwind Gift Set from Indigo Herbs is a beautiful, bespoke gift kit of botanicals designed to help you relax and unwind and is comprised of 100% pure herbs and essential oils.  

This gift set is packed with hand-blended botanicals to help you unwind naturally. It includes our most recent aromatherapy blend designed to help you relax. It is a wonderful little herbal well-being kit with all you need to soothe your body and mind and really let go. It makes a perfect gift for a friend or family member whose life might need rebalancing. It has been put together with the intention of being used when all you need is to stop, drop everything and take time to nurture and restore. 

All the contents are designed to defuse pressure inside and outside the body. The Relax and Unwind Massage Oil contains geranium, basil, grapefruit and peppermint essential oils to unlock pores and gently ease away tautness in the muscles and tension in the mind. It also includes our proprietary Relax and Unwind Essential Oil Blend, which can be added to a warm bath, or combined with water and diffused in an oil burner. This allows it to pervade the environment with an ambience of total stillness. The Relax and Unwind Pulse Point Roller includes the essential oil blend combine with almond oil to be applied to pulse points to induce feelings of relaxation and calmness. Finally, the gift set includes loose leaf Chamomile Tea and a tea infuser to further relax the body and mind.  

Pregnancy Care Gift Set 

Pregnancy Care Gift Set is designed with the optimum well-being of the mother-to-be in mind. It is full of support for use during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body and mind needs constant support to accommodate the nourishment and arrival of another human being. We’ve created a gift set loaded with herbal products that have been traditionally used for centuries in the journey leading to motherhood. 

One of the best herbal products that has been proven to be an amazing help during pregnancy is raspberry leaf. To assist the internal workings of the body in pregnancy we have included a pure Raspberry Leaf Tea together with a tea infuser, making it is easy to prepare and extremely beneficial to the uterus. 

Our Pregnancy Care Essential Oil Blend is warm, invigorating, fresh and fruity and has been specifically formulated with calming herbs for pregnant women. The blend contains mandarin, lavender, geranium essential oils. It can be added to a warm bath or mixed with water and diffused in an oil burner to infuse the atmosphere with an ambience of tranquillity. The Pregnancy Care Massage Oil can help combat stretch marks and care for the skin. This fantastic blend of natural oil can be safely used daily over the belly ensuring every pore is administered with reinforcing herbs leaving the skin supple and smooth. The Pregnancy Care Pulse Point Roller is included to conveniently create a feeling of calm, serenity and well-being by applying to the pulse points when needed. 

Did you know that Indigo Herbs carries 41 Essential Oils and 13 Essential Oil Blends? Not only that but we also have 18 body oils, not including our Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil.

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Organic Chocolate Making Kit 

The Organic Chocolate Making Kit from Indigo Herbs makes a fantastic gift and is comprised of premium quality ingredients for those who want to make their own natural organic chocolate. The ingredients are 100% pure resulting in the final chocolates being both nutritious and delicious. 

The kit includes: organic cacao powder, organic cacao butter and organic raw agave necar together with instructions.  

Delicious additions:

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