A Green & Healthy Christmas
Superfoods and Nutrition
08 December 2013
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As the 'most wonderful time of the year' fast approaches, kids from 'one to ninety two' (and nowadays even older) are getting into the spirit of things.  Decorating the tree, sending cards, buying presents, listening to carols and of course indulging in festive eating and drinking are all par for the course.

Maintaining a healthy equilibrium can be tricky and indeed in a funny sort of way doing so would be missing the point.  Whatever your creed, Christmas is, after all, about taking part in the good cheer with everyone else.  But on the other hand who doesn't want to avoid hangovers and feeling over-indulged?  It is therefore well worth keeping an eye on a healthier lifestyle throughout the festivities because better health means better performance which in this context means means more fun! 

So how can you moderate the effects of the midwinter madness without missing out on the merrymaking?

One excellent strategy for coping with the excesses of the feasting season is maintaining the body's chemical processing plant ... the Liver.  One of the Liver's key jobs is to help keep our systems healthy by processing the toxins that are floating around in the blood.  These toxins include waste from digesting the food we eat as well as the result of drinking alcohol (or other substances).  Either way it's obvious that the Liver is going to come under increased pressure during the winter festivities.  Luckily help is at hand.

Formulated by nutritionist David Ash, the Love Your Liver fortified daily superfood mix contains everything your liver needs to stay in peak performance.  As well as the classic super greens barleygrass and chlorella, it is fortified with a broad range of vitamins (including D and the B family) and minerals (including calcium and magnesium).  It provides the antioxidizing synergy of vitamin C and proanthocyanidins from grape seed extract.  It also includes the amino acids our bodies need to make the master anti oxidant Glutathione.  A teaspoon of the mix easily dissolves in to a tumbler of water or fruit juice and makes a great start to the day.  But the Love Your Liver mix can also be a part of your party survival strategy.

Long before Indigo Herbs started working with David Ash to produce this product, David was already making a fortified superfood mix primarily to support the Livers of his children, nieces & nephews.  As university undergraduates he knew they would be better off for including such a blend into their diets as they navigated the social aspects of university life.  In particular he recommended an extra shot befor going out to party and that is something he still recommends with Love Your Liver today.  "If you know you are going out to party and you will be drinking more than usual or over indulging, then a shot of Love Your Liver before you go out and another the following morning will give your body a head start in dealing with the toxins and you will be better for it the next day" David told us.

Make Love Your Liver a Christmas Tradition

And of course the most important party of the season is the one we share with our nearest and dearest on Christmas day.  So why not share Love Your Liver shots as an aperitif before the feasting begins?


You will need:

  • A bag on Indigo Herbs Love Your Liver Fortified Daily Mix
  • Cherry juice
  • Cocktail umbrellas
  • Pretty glass tumblers

Make one shot for each guest.  To make, simply add one teaspoon of Love Your Liver to 100ml of cherry juice into each tumbler.  Mix with a teaspoon until the powder has completely dissolved.  Decorate with a cocktail umbrella.  Serve and enjoy.

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