Gross National Happiness in Bhutan
An Indigo Perspective
20 August 2013
Bhutan Paro buddha landscape

What happiness is about has rightly become a subject of lots of thought and discussion around the planet, as we approach the end of an era marked by mindless consumerism and a human self centred attitude that is bringing the biosphere to the brink of collapse. We are living in a time where we must address the current crisis with consequent action, where 'walk our talk' has become fundamental. Taking good care of our inner ecosystems (our bodies) is the right start. With our bodies comes a mind that needs taming and cultivation. As human beings the very purpose of our lives is to be happy, yet that seems quite elusive and hard to find, especially a lasting happiness. Hence I have become involved in, as well as learning about ways to look after the temple of my mind, the body, in meditative practices like Mindfulness.

Working at Indigo Herbs has been a great opportunity to be part of the change I wish to see in the world, helping spread a healthy and natural way of eating. The Indigo team is a great example of a small family business who focus on the means rather than the ends, giving me a good base that has launched me into the project I will be volunteering for over the next two months. I feel passionate about the Earth and finding ways to be part of the conscious revolution that is happening all around. One of these projects is the Gross National Happiness (GNH) Centre in Bhutan. I will be taking part of the first GNH-Wkup Youth Program there, with people from all over the world. This Program is about exploring collective ways to learn of the many conditions that bring about happiness, like a healthy environment, a peaceful state of mind, or having food and shelter.

We've got a lot to learn from small countries like Bhutan, who have managed to preserved their Nature almost entirely(80% of the country is covered by forest), and their community life is very rich and active, unlike western societies where we are scattered and isolated. I will keep you up to date with the developments of this enterprise and if you want to learn more please see the click below. Thanks to Indigo Herbs for all their support and giving me the chance to share this exciting project with you all, for more info on Gross National Happiness please read this quote from our indiegogo project... "Gross National Happiness proposes a holistic and sustainable approach to development, which is about finding a balance between material and non-material values. At its centre is the conviction that development of a country must be human-centered and manifest the conditions for happiness in all individuals. Gross National Happiness directly addresses global, national and mental challenges as climate change, pollution, stress-related diseases, entrenched poverty and insecurity, by pointing to non-material roots of well-being. It does this by integrating and balancing equitable and sustainable socio-economic development with environmental conservation, cultural promotion, and good governance." For more info on GNH-Wkup Youth Program and how to help and contribute with the Project: Felipe

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