Have a Happy Healthy Festive Season
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08 December 2014
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Have a happy and healthy mid-winter festivities from all the crew at Indigo Herbs

Have a happy healthy festivities from The Crew at Indigo Herbs

So to celebrate the festive season we are delighted to share with you our new Healthy Mid-winter Treats e-book

The festive season is traditionally the time to eat, drink and be merry so we have put together our favourite recipes that are not only delicious but also nutritious.

Healthy Mid-Winter Treats - 11 recipes for the festive season

  • Almond & Cranberry Energy Bites
  • Bounty Smoothie
  • Coffee, Banana & Hemp Frappe
  • Free from Breakfast pancakes
  • Healthy Seedy Snack Bars
  • Homemade Muesli & Porridge Mix
  • Peanut Hemp & Spirulina Superfood Balls
  • Raspberry & Cookie Smoothie
  • Raw Chocolates
  • Strawberry & Bee Pollen Superfood Smoothie
  • Tropical berry & Coconut Smoothie

Download the e-book here

Natural Hangover Cures

Not only is the festive season a time to get together and eat well, it is also the time of year we are most likely to over-indulge, and we can end up feeling the effects of too much alcohol or rich food. Nature has many herbal helpers to cast off the lethargy, headaches or at worst nausea and get our system back on the road. 

Nature's cures for the morning after

A green smoothie made with Barleygrass powder can give the body a kick into cleansing out all the heavy stagnant energy associated with rich foods, and provide some extra vitamins, minerals and enzymes to boost wellbeing.

A long hot bath with a hint of grapefruit essential oil can be a great way to revive the morning after the night before, as Grapefruit gives the liver a nudge and clears a foggy mind.

The herb Milk-Thistle has a long history of traditional use as a tonic to the liver and can also be taken daily to protect the liver from toxins connected with imbibing a little too much merriment!

In Ayurvedic Medicine Turmeric  is the master healer, and is known to boost the immune system, sooth the liver, fend off infections and be a salve for the throat and digestive system. 

Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Barleygrass and Grapefruit

At Indigo Herbs we have one particular product range we would recommend taking daily during this time. That's our Love your Liver herbs and superfoods powder blends. These formulas were carefully created by nutritionist David Ash with a mind to protect the Liver and fortify the daily diet.  

They each contain the classic liver herbs Milk thistle and Turmeric and proanthocyanidin flavanoids occuring in Grape seed extract and Vitamin C. Proanthocyanidin flavanoids are anti-oxident phyto-chemicals with beneficial properties. This synergy is enhanced by Barleygrass, Chlorella and Banana powders.

These blends contains a dense form of daily super nutrition with special emphasis on detoxifying and supporting the function of the liver. The basic mix contains only 100% natural herbs and superfoods and suits a more gentle constitution, the fortified mix has added micro-nutrients for a super dense source of targeted nutrition. Both blends give the body just what it needs to counteract over indulgence, boost the immune system and support optimum health and wellbeing.

Love Your Liver Herbs & Superfood Blend

Basic Mix 200g £23.99     Fortified Mix 200g £23.99

Why not try a festive period with some support from nature's helpers and keep your sense of celebration and fun in balance with your wellbeing. Have a happy healthy holiday.





I love Indigo herbs.....so want to wish you a very merry Christmas and prosperous healthy creative new year ahead...may you all blossom..and a thankyou for the e-book full of healthy treats....beautiful people create beautiful worlds...sharing knowledge and caring for each other....to you all love and peace on earth ....with trillions of sparkles *****

i suffer from Thelsemia/ Anemic. do you have any product to improve my Anemic (red cell blood)?.

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