How to Eat a Rainbow
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12 December 2014

Ellie Bedford is a raw food nutritionist and author of How to Eat a Rainbow’, an adorable children's raw food book. She has recently launched this wonderful illustrated raw food recipe and story book. The recipes are all created by Ellie and the illustrations are by her sister Sabrina Bedford. This book can surely only make delicious raw food very attractive to little people, as it is just delightful and illustrated with fairies. Getting kids to eat their veggies just became so much easier. To download the ‘How to Eat a Rainbow’ e-book or order the beautiful hardcopy visit Ellie’s vegan publisher.

How to Eat a Rainbow  

Ellie is just so passionate about helping and inspiring other families discover and enjoy the fresh vibrant tastes of raw food!  Ellie’s family eat natural unprocessed whole foods, superfoods, raw foods and herbs. It’s a way of life for them, and this has changed their health and wellbeing dramatically.

Formerly an archaeologist, her change in profession to an advocate of raw food and super nutrition came about because she herself was not in the best health. Like most transformation stories this journey involved many years of study, but not only did Ellie’s health improve but so did her family’s health and a whole new career began.

Ellie now publishes her recipes and cooking show on her blog ‘The boo the bear and the goji berries’. She has two little girls (the boo and the bear) and much of her recipes and preparation suggestions are very child friendly. Ellie creates her dishes with lots of natural whole food ingredients that can be sourced locally, however she also adds some powerful superfoods into the mix to add that extra punch.

She has sent us her lovely recipe for ‘Red Velvet Elixir’, this delicious superfood smoothie is just packed with nutrient rich ingredients. The beautiful red colour in this drink comes from the beetroot which makes the perfect partner to the taste of raw chocolate! This elixir is packed with superfoods, fruits, nuts and supergreens, and it makes an antioxidant rich medicinal elixir giving a super boost in the morning to sets you up for the day!

See her Red Velvet Elixir recipe here 


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