The Importance of Team Building - An Indigo Day Out
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04 February 2020
The Importance of Team Building


Hello from all of us at Indigo Herbs!


To celebrate our updated crew page, we wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit about our team.

Whilst we have moved about over the past few years to meet our operational needs, we have always stayed in the heart of Glastonbury. We are now situated across two buildings in Glastonbury, the first being our production department where we receive incoming bulk goods that go through our manufacture process. We then transport the finished products via our eco-friendly electric van to our other building, Meristem House, which is just 5 minutes up the road. This is where our finished products live until they are dispatched by our busy fulfilment team. Meristem House is also the home of our Customer Service team, Tech, Finance, Sales & Marketing departments and the board members. Our Indigo team now totals around 32 members.

Indigo Herbs Team Day Out


We would all love to work together in the same building; however, this is not possible due to our growing need for space. To ensure we spend quality time together, we have frequent group lunches to celebrate birthdays, and take any other opportunity to chat over cake!


At Indigo Herbs we recognise the importance of teamwork - this is a key priority within individual departments and across the organization. Last September we ‘closed’ the business for a day and had a team day out. We all hopped onto a coach up to Bristol, picked teams out of a hat, and took part in an escape the room exercise. This was a great opportunity for people to work with colleagues from different departments, to try and complete the puzzles and challenges in order to escape the room in the allotted time. Great fun was had by all, and new connections made.

Indigo Herbs TeamWe returned to Glastonbury to enjoy a lovely and well-deserved buffet lunch from one of the local restaurants in town, before spending the afternoon grouping into new teams to partake in an Indigo Quiz. This was a fun health quiz hosted by managing director (aka quiz master) Steve Mckewon. The quiz certainly provoked some healthy competition amongst the group!


We were delighted to be able to spend the day together doing something completely different. By shedding our daily roles and using our skills for new tasks with new people, we formed bonds and built on existing relationships that will benefit not just the organization, but also the happiness of individuals during their working life.


Studies have shown that employees that have strong bonds with each other are more likely to motivate and support one another, helping them to co-operate more effectively as a team. We at Indigo Herbs are proud to be a family and will continue to put increasing importance on our team development.

We’re already planning the next one!


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