Indigo Herbs News February-1 2015

February is traditionally the month for celebrating the lovers with Valentine's day on February 14th. Ok we all know that this is a made up festivity, but most of us are ready for a bit of an excuse to sparkle by mid feb, and whether its a night out with your single friends or a night in with your date...its the time to enjoy and experiment with natural aphrodisiacs. Click here to Read our blog where we profile THE best aphrodisiac food for women....

No.1 Womens Aphrodisiac

We made our first How To Video

We are delighted to share with you here our first How To Video, and this one is all about How To Make Raw Chocolate. Raw Chocolate is super delicious and its very easy to make from Raw Chocolate ingredients, so here's our short instructional. We really enjoyed making the vid, and we will be launching a full range of How To' Video's, so watch this space.

How to make Raw Chocolate Video

Product Profile

To celebrate the month of the lovers we are profiling two of our favourite gift sets:

Indigo Raw Chocolate Making Kit Gift Set

A wonderfully presented Raw Chocolate Making Kit.

Includes Goji Berries & Brazil Nuts for added deliciousness.

Everything you could possibly need to make your own Raw Chocolates.

Including our own delicious recipe & instructions.

Makes 20-25 small chocolates.


Indigo Natural Aphrodisiacs for Valentine's Gift Set

Perfect gift for Valentines

A simple sensual kit to share with that special someone.

Contains out pure Horny Goat Weed Tea (50g)

2 x 100ml pure sensual massage oil blends from the Indigo Botanicals range.

2 x Red strawberry shaped tea infusers (silicon)





Raw Chocolate Kit


Aphrodisiac Kit

Herbal Aphrodisiacs from around the world

For thousands of years humankind has been searching for foods, herbs and potions that can fan the fire of sexual love – aphrodisiacs. Named after the Ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, these natural substances are said to raise libido, enhance sensitivity, boost arousal, increase stamina and improve ‘performance’ for both men and women.

Our stressful lives can sometimes blunt our libido, but never fear, at Indigo Herbs we have an array of premium-quality botanicals to help. Visit our Natural and Herbal Aphrodisiacs page and discover more about 18 herbals with a long history of effectivity and traditional use.

Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Monthly Discount Code

Here's Our February discount Code:Valid until March 3rd.


We are pleased to continue to offer our newsletter readers 10% off all our products on orders over £30.

Don't forget that you get FREE POSTAGE in the UK on all orders over £30.

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