Indigo Herbs News January-2 2015


Welcome to our second January newsletter.

January is the month for Detox, and despite the positive intentions in the air we are unfortunately bombarded by quick fix miracle products, flash in the pan regimes, celebrity endorsements and medical doctors calling the whole thing a sham! 

So if you want to get underneath the "detox craze" and discover how to make some real, gentle, balanced, longlasting steps to better health...then visit our blog

A balanced approached to Detox

Here you can find out more about the How, Why, What and Who of Detoxifying the body.


Click here to visit our January Detox Blog

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We have recently launched our new recipes section of the website and here we have a growing collection of superfood recipes. Visit the Recipe Home page and get inspired on how to be healthy for 2015. We have a recipe collection of smoothies, healthy snacks, raw chocolates and much more.

Why not kick start your day with our Rise and Shine Smoothie

Rise and Shine Smoothie

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Product Profile:


Barleygrass Powder 

  • Latin Name: Hordeum vulgare L
  • Certified Organic, Gluten-Free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Fresh young Barley grass shoots -freeze dried and powdered to ensure nutrients remain intact.
  • Nutritionally rich green superfood powder-daily food supplement.
  • High in Vitamins, Minerals.
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.

Psyllium Husks 200g

  • Latin Name: Plantago ovata
  • Used in India for thousands of years as a part of intestinal cleanse in Ayurveda.
  • Excellent source of dietary fibre.
  • Ingredient in most laxatives
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.

Chia Seeds 250g

  • Latin Name: Salvia hispanica
  • Very high in protein.
  • An abundance of omega-3 essential fatty acids.
  • Can be enjoyed as a daily staple superfood.
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.

Beetroot Powder 250g

  • Latin Name: Beta vulgaris L
  • A long history of use in Europe 
  • A very cooling vegetable
  • Nutrient rich superfood powder.
  • Stimulates circulation & cleansing to the blood
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.

Milk Thistle Tincture 100ml

  • Latin Name: Silybum marianum
  • Long history of traditional use.
  • Milk Thistle Tincture is the active constituents of the Silybum marianum extracted into ethanol. (medical alcohol)
  • Cleansing and protecting to the Liver



Psyllium Husks 200g

Chia Seeds 250g

Beetroot Powder 250g

Milk Thistle Tincture 100ml

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