Indigo Herbs News April-1 2015

Hi Welcome to our first newsletter for April. Here at Indigo Herbs we've all been enjoying the break through of sunshine we've had in the UK, and there's been talk of Barbecues!

This April brings us Allergy Awareness Week from April 20th to 26th. Allergy is widespread in the UK. Millions of adults suffer from at least one allergy, with numbers continuing to rise. Each year the number of allergy sufferer’s increases by 5%, half of all affected being children.

Many people trace their allergies back to food intolerances, and eliminating various food groups can be part of living with Allergies. However most people are quite lost and unsure if they are going to lack essential nutrients for wellbeing. 

In our most recent blog we've focused on the challenges of Living a dairy-free life because of food intolerances (or because of choosing to be Vegan). We look at the main challenges of forfeiting dairy such as getting enough Calcium and Protein, here we profile products that are high in these essential nutrients. Find out more by visiting this blog -"It's a dairy-free life for me"

It's a dairy free life for me

We are hoping to get the month off to a hoping start by launching our new range of Organic Raw Nut and Seed butters. This delicious range of butters can be used to spread on toast or crackers, or added to the morning smoothie to thicken and sustain the appetite all day!

The butters are just like traditional peanut butter so they can be used as an ingredient in flapjacks, cookie dough, peanut sauce for stirfry, curries and the like. However these delicious butters are made in a very special way, the organic ingredients are not roasted, or heat treated in any way. This means the butters are simply packed with phyto-nutrients and are a great way to benefit from the abundant vitamins and minerals naturally occuring in these foods. 

If you love your peanut butter then chances are you'll adore our range of Organic Raw Almond, Hemp, Pumpkin, White Sesame, Black Sesame and Walnut Butters.

They are all 100% dairy-free, vegan, raw, organic and utterly delicious, visit or Organic Raw Nut and Seed Butters page to find out more.



Raw Organic Nut Butters & Raw Organic Seed Butters

Variety is the spice of life so take a look at our new recipes we've just launched. This month we're excited about our 5 step Smoothie Method! How many times did you make a smoothie that tasted a bit Meh? Well this 5 step smoothie method brings a bit of fresh focus to the blender. Its ALL about the layers!

We've created some great smoothie recipes for you that lay this cool method down! 

1 Go Fruit or Soft Veg

2. Layer on the Liquid (Juice, Plant Milk, Water)

3. Thicken it up! (Ice, Oats, Nut Butter, Nuts, Seeds)

4. All about the Taste! (Ginger, Chilli, Chocolate, Lemon, Lime, Vanilla, Cinnamon....)

5. Seal it with a Superpower! (Superfoods and herbal powders)

Check out our recipe collection here.

New Indigo Herbs Recipes

Monthly Discount Code

Yeah! It's discount code time again.

Here's this months discount code, so get going and receive your 10% discount on all orders over £30, with FREE POSTAGE in the UK.

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