Indigo Herbs Newsletter - 2 August 2015

So the new academic year is soon to begin again which can mean a change of pace for lots of us! We are staying upbeat with the exciting launch of our Superfood Powder Blend Range.

Three New Blends - SuperGreens for everyday just like a multi vit, SuperProtein for pre and post workout and SuperVital to boost the immune system and keep the autumnal bugs away.

We've also been getting creative over breakfast so discover some great healthy breakfast suggestions in our Superpower Your Breakfast Blog.

OOh and our trusted discount code as well.

Change of pace with Superfoods

New Blends from Indigo Herbs

We are really excited to reveal our lovely new Superfood Powder Blends. These blends are the very best combinations of superfood powders to bring you positive targeted natural nutrition. Through our extensive knowledge of superfoods, we have devised 3 different and unique high quality blends, each with a specific action and focus, with the aim of elevating you to the pinnacle of optimum health.

Muscle Recovery, Sports Performance, Vegan Supplement: Organic SuperProtein is a blend of Chia, Hemp, Pea, Rice & Pumpkin protein powders and has an impressive 65% protein ratio! This makes an excellent source of vegan protein with all 9 of the essential amino acids in it! 

Daily Nutritionally Rich Vitamin & Mineral Boost: Organic SuperGreens is a blend of Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Chlorella and Moringa freeze dried powders and is high in 20 of your essential daily micro nutrients including Protein, Fibre and Vitamin B12. This makes it an excellent way to stay on top form and ensure you are getting optimum nutrition.

All the Superfood Blends are available in 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg. These powders can turn an ordinary smoothie into a super powered smoothie! They blend easily into juice, smoothies, milkshakes, cereals and yogurt.

Discover Indigo Herbs Superfood Blends here.

Indigo Herbs Superfood Powder Blends

Anti-oxidant Boost: SuperVital is a blend of Baobab, Acai and Beetroot powders and is high in Vitamin C, as well as good for the blood and circulation. This makes it an excellent superfood blend for preventing ill health and fighting infections and viruses.


Superpower Your Breakfast

Looking for a bit of breakfast inspiration? We've taken two of our lovliest products - 

Bee Pollen & Goji Berries and come up with some inspiring suggestions on how to include them in your breakfast favourites.

Bee Pollen is High in B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Zinc so its a great way to boost the immune system and drive away any change of season bugs that might be thinking of getting in!

Goji Berries have been respected in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years for their longevity properties and with high levels of vitamins A and C and the minerals selenium and copper, goji berries have the cocktail for a highly potent, anti-oxidant superfood!

Check out our Superfood Breakfast Blog here.

SuperPower your Breakfast

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Discount Code

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