Indigo Herbs News August 2015

In this news letter we are pleased to announce our sponsorship of 'The Plant Based Martial Artist' Sam Taylor who is competing in The Taekwondo World Championships in Bulgaria, next week beginning 24th August! We are sharing with you here, Sam's Superfood Kick Ass Smoothie Recipe...which is one of the secrets of her sucess! We are hugely inspired by Sam's story of how Superfoods have improved her performance and helped her achieve her best! We've all got very different goals and our personal best is a unique thing,...but August is all about Going for Gold!

We are also delighted to share that Google have awarded Indigo Herbs The Google Certified Shop Badge..YEAH! This means when it comes to e-commerce...we're getting it right!


Healthy People Running

Go for your own personal best this August!


Sam's Kick Ass Smoothie

We are wishing Sam Taylor a huge big Good Luck for The World Taekwondo Championship next week. We have been supporting Sam with lots of Superfoods & Herbs to help her achieve her personal best.

She has created a sports performance, nutritionally dense, 'Kick Ass Breakfast Smoothie Recipe', that is power packed with Indigo Herbs Superfoods. Sam says that optimum nutrition is the foundation stone of her performing at her best, and we are sharing this recipe with you here, to inspire you to go for your personal best, (whatever that might be.) 

Packed with Spinach, Moringa, Maca, Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Chia Seeds and more, this morning mix is exceptionally high in immune boosting vitamins such as A & C, it's a nutrient dense smoothie that will certainly give you a "kick ass" start to the day! 

Sam's Kick Ass Smoothie Recipe


Kick Ass Smoothie

A Holistic Approach to Competitive Sports

Read the full story about how Sam became a vegan (plant based) competitive sports person over a year ago, and how incorporating superfoods into her diet has improved her performance and much more. We caught up with her recently as she is preparing both body & mind for the ultimate competition this August, and she shared with us her top tips and revelations that have come from applying a more holistic approach to competitive sports. 

Secrets of a Plant Based Martial Artist

Sam Taylor Taekwondo Pro


Google Certified Shop Badge

Indigo Herbs, was recently selected to join the Google Certified Shops program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Certified Shops badge is awarded to ecommerce sites that demonstrate a track record of ontime shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting the Indigo Herbs website, shoppers will see a Google Certified Shops badge and can click on it for more information.

"We are really delighted that Google have awarded us their certified shop badge, and pleased that all our hard work to get the e-commerce experience just right has been acknowledged. The online shopper needs to know that they will receive the best customer service and that they are safe and protected in everyway, here at Indigo Herbs we strive to make the online shopping experience a consistent, trusted, stressfree experience, and we will continue to do so." Steve Mckewon, Managing Director of Indigo Herbs.


Google certified Shops Badge

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