Indigo Herbs News Feb – 1 2016

It’s February! Time to warm up your heart with Valentine’s Day fun.

We got together with the team over at The Clean Supper Club and created these delicious & nutritious recipes for you. Seduce your loved one with a high energy superfood surprise or get together with your single friends and delight yourselves with desserts. 

Indigo Herbs - Valentines Recipes - Mini White Chocolate & Strawberry Raw Cheesecake - Clean Supper Club

Try Something New

We are really proud this February to launch our refreshed new look ‘Indigo Tea Blends

Discover our full range of unique loose leaf herbal teas blends made from the finest ingredients. There are seven different blends including Breathe Easy, Candida Care, Get Well Stay Well, Monthly Moontime, Rise & Shine, Sleep Deep, and Super Cleanse. They are all £3.99 for 50g.

So why not try switching a caffeinated hot drink for a delicious herbal blend with health benefits to boot?

Indigo Herbs - Herbal Teas - Herbal Blends

Nurture your Immune System

It’s the time of year when we need to be nurturing our immune system and adding into our diet anti-oxidant rich ingredients that are high in Vitamin C. 


Goji Berries – These highly potent anti-oxidant rich super berries are high in both Vitamin C & A, and are ready to scavenge up all unwanted viruses and winter bugs. Delicious & sweet, they can be added to cereal, porridge, yogurt and fruit salad, or eaten by the handful or as part of a trail mix.


Organic Baobab Powder - These delicious tangy fruit powder is from the Baobab tree known as the Tree of Life in Africa. This fruit is recognised for its very high level of Vitamin C and rich mineral content. It has been used as a first food for infants and it is delicious and tastesome. Add it to a morning smoothie, milkshake, porridge, yogurt, cakes, flapjacks and energy bars. A great natural 100% pure Vitamin C fortification. Kids love it too!

Goji Berries

Organic Baobab Powder

Elsie, Abby & Friends Try Vegan : Week 3

Catch up with how Veganuary went for Team Vegan & check out how they conquered a Vegan American Diner Dinner Party Theme! 



Elsie & Friends Try Vegan: Week Three

Elsie & Friends Try Vegan: Week Three - American Dinner Party

BLOG - Imbolc : The First Spark of Spring

Following the wheel of the year, Imbolc is celebrated at the beginning of February.

This point in the year is all about welcoming back the stirring of life below the earth in preparation for spring. 

Discover more about the ancient & modern rituals that go with this celebration in our blog.

BLOG : Imbolc – The First Spark of Spring

Imbolc – The First Spark of Spring

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