Indigo Herbs News Jan - 1 2016

If you haven’t already discovered Indigo Herbs SuperGreens powder blend, then now is the time.

  • Just add 3-4 tsp of this superfood powder to you morning smoothie, juice or porridge and get that superfood boost. 
  • This organic powder blend includes Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Spirulina, Moringa and Chlorella.
  • Exceptionally high in vitamins A, C and E - these ingredients have staggering antioxidant properties! 
  • Also contain a wide spectrum of B vitamins known to especially protect the brain, mental function and wellbeing.  


Indigo Herbs - Super Greens Powder - 100g - £6.99

Make Everyday a Superfood Smoothie Day

Check out our must try new smoothie recipes to boost your vitality this January.

Blast the wintery colds and flu, put some p-zazz into your new year goals, say yes to stepping up into health by starting your day with the nutrient rich buzz of a delicious smoothie!

We have got the most yummy recipes to tempt you…

Indigo Herbs Smoothie Collection 2016.

Delicious, Deluxe Detox Smoothie - The Balanced Vegan -

A Delicious, Deluxe Detox Smoothie from The Balanced Vegan.

Indigo Herbs Tries Vegan For January

We have carnivores, omnivores, pescatarians, and vegetarians all taking the vegan challenge this month!

So catch up with Elsie, Abby and Friends Try Vegan - Week One and find out how it’s been going - our favourite ingredients, what saved us, inspired us, recipes we tried, and what we brought to our Friday Vegan Dinner Party! 

Vegan Dinner Party with Indigo Herbs Crew

The Indigo Herbs Crew try Vegan - Week One

Herbs For Everyday Living

Mother Nature has provided us with a wellspring of herbs to keep our Immune system  working at its best, and most of us can do with a little immune boost at this time of year.

Find out more about Herbs For Everyday Living Short Course with The College of Natural Medicine.


Astragalus is most well known as an immune booster and fighter of the common cold.

Discover more about herbs that do that job in our Natural Health Guide to Immunity Boosting Herbs and Foods.

Astragalus is most well known as an immune booster and fighter of the common cold



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