Indigo Herbs News Jan - 2 2016

Don’t we just love winter?


Indigo Herbs Echinacea Tincture:

Echinacea is widely respected as "THE remedy for colds and flu." It is a major immune booster that helps the body combat all types of infection. Its antibacterial character means it is effective against bacterial and viral attacks.

It is a botanical antibiotic and immune system stimulant, and is recommended as a daily tonic, especially during winter. Simply add the recommended drops to water 3 times a day (as the herb is preserved in medical alcohol, for children put recommended drops into boiling water to evaporate alcohol and leave to stand for 10 minutes)

100ml £8.99


Indigo Herbs Pure Vitamin C Powder:

Vitamin C is crucial to the overall health of the body in its efforts to fight off infections – both bacterial and viral.

White blood cells contain 20 times the amount of vitamin C than other cells and require constant replenishment to keep the immune system working to its optimum capacity, so supplementing the body with vitamin C can help fight off winter bugs. Simply add recommended amount of powder to water or juice.

100g £4.99





Echinacea Tincture




Vitamin C Powder

Start your day with a super nutritious breakfast

We all know that how we start the day makes a great difference to our sense of wellbeing & sense of success. So why not start on the right foot with one of delicious healthy breakfast suggestions?

We’ve gathered all our favourite breakfast recipes including smoothies, fruit bowls, superfood porridge and free from pancakes to inspire you….

Indigo Herbs Superfood Breakfast Collection 2016


Power Porridge Breakfast Recipe

Indigo goes Vegan - Week Two

Catch up with our blog about how the Indigo Crew fared being Vegan this week! Oh and check out the vegan dishes we brought to our Mediterranean themed dinner party (an excuse to try vegan wine and food and have fun.) Veganuary is definately making our January sparkle.

Elsie, Abby & Friends Try Vegan - Week Two

Try Vegan Blog - Week Two

Chlorella & Spirulina - True Heroes of The Superfood World

In this blog we take a closer look at these amazing blue-green algae superfoods, examining their nutrient values and looking at whether they do provide Vitamin B12 and Omega Fats?

This is a must read for anyone who is looking at getting a complete nutrient range from a plant based diet.

Chlorella and Spirulina - True Heroes of The Superfood World

Spirulina and Chlorella - Green Powders

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