Indigo Herbs News July 2 2015

It's almost August and the sun isn't shining as much as it should in Glastonbury so recently we had a smoothie day at Indigo Herbs HQ, we put together 3 delicious smoothie blends with a summer time feel (a bit of ice & a straw does the trick!).

Everyone was on board and it made our friday afternoon the best day ever! We think this is a great idea to share with your work colleagues, family or friends. A great way to nail at least 3 of your 5 a day and perk your petals up. We blogged our recipes for you to try here - Smoothie Day at Indigo Herbs 

In this newsletter we have an exciting announcement so read on! We are also profiling the sumptious Bee Pollen and we are launching a great new blog series. We've also got your trusty discount code for you!

Smoothie's for everyone at Indigo herbs

Sumptious Bee Pollen

Favourite product right now? Got to be Bee Pollen. This utterly stunning golden pollen is as luscious as the flowers that the Bees are buzzing about. 

Bee Pollen

Premium quality Bee Pollen from Spain

100g £5.99

250g £10.99

500g £19.99


Beautiful flower garden

It's rich in B Vitamins, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen and an energy booster. Why not sprinkle it on your yogurt & fruit or breakfast cereal? It also makes a delicious topper for a smoothie. Did we say it is also an immune booster? Food of the Gods created by the bees. Thanks Bees.



Proud Sponsors of

Last January Steve & Claire (directors of Indigo Herbs) decided to participate in the Go Vegan For January Campaign known as VeganuaryThey heard about the campaign from their teenage son who had seen some popular comedians pledging their comittment to the cause and thought it was up their street. So when they met the founders of the campaign Jane & Mark the idea of working together was born.

Why Vegan for January?

Jane & Mark started the campaign because they wanted more people to be inspired to try vegan for health, nutrition, animals & the enviroment. Since Indigo Herbs has been on their own mission to empower & inspire people to take charge of their health naturally through eating a plant based seemed like a lot of fun and a great idea to partner up.

So we are proud to announce that we are now an official sponsor of ...Go Vegan Stay Vegan...a fun, inspiring, informative transformational January health plan for the vegan curious.

We've blogged about the master plan here - Indigo Herbs Sponsors

Veganuary Logo

Veganuary logo


The Power of Protein

This blog is first in our exciting new blog series - The Natural Health Guide To Plant Based Nutrition.

We are going to be delving into the why, how and what of nutrients the plant world has to offer. We will be busting the myth that you cannot get all the nutrients you need from plants and looking at what these nutrients are actually doing for our bodies and where to get them from.

In this first blog we check out PROTEIN. Muscles, cell renewal, appetite satisfier??? What is all the hype?

If you want to get the heads up on the benefits of getting your protein and not feeling the need to max out the meat & cheese then read our blog - The Power of Protein

Woman stretching her arms out in the sunshine


4 Seasons in One Day

Looking on the bright side we have the benefit of 4 seasons in one day this August! So we've brought together a product for each season to inspire you on how to include herbs & superfoods in your diet, whatever the weather, and stay feeling your best!

For a Spring Moment - If you are needing a bit of a refreshing morning boost, why not try our Rise & Shine Tea? This blend combines: Meadowsweet, Calendula, Peppermint, Rosemary, Ginkgo Leaf, Ginger and Nettle.

Rise & Shine Herbal Tea Blend 100g £6.49

For a Summery Moment - Bounce into full action with a protein boost. Try our Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder in your morning smoothie. Rich in Omega Oils and packed with 18 amino acids (including the 8 essential ones).

Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder 100g £4.99

For an Autumn Moment - Why not add some Goji Berries to your breakfast cereal, and benefit from the anti-oxidant vitamin C and energy boost!

Goji Berries 150g £4.69


Products for all seasons

For a wintery moment - Discover our utterly delicious Organic Raw White Sesame Tahini, which is really sustaining, grounding, delicious on toast (with honey) It's high in Dietary Fibre, Calcium and Phosphorous and a source of Protein. Sesame Seeds are also a good source of the amino acid Tryptophan which has been proven to help with insomnia, depression and low mood

Organic Raw White Sesame Tahini 250g £5.49


10% Discount Code

Discount Code

So here's your trusty discount code!

10 % OFF all orders over £30

FREE postage for all orders in the UK over £30.



Order online now at

Or call 01458 831 447 Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm UK time

on 27 July 2015 - 3:48pm

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