Indigo Herbs News - June-1 2015

In this June newsletter we are taking a look at sports nutrition, reviewing our lovely new products and we are excited to be launching our How To Use Superfoods page.

Ok the weather is a bit unpredictable but June is the month of the longest days leading up to the Summer Solstice & Father's Day on June 21st. 

These lighter evenings mean that people in the Northern hemisphere can fit more activity into one day, and make the most of the daylight! What joy! Time to fly before we return again to the bear cave.

For some this can be about pursuing a hobby such as cycling, tennis, running, or traditional summer sports like athletics and cricket.

Since June is the month of Wimbledon we decided to share with you our Sports Performance page in our Natural Health Guide. Here we have profiled all the herbs and superfoods that can boost sports performance the natural way. Discover how the blood stimulating Gingko Biloba or nutrient boosting Beetroot can keep you in optimum health and on top of your game! Find out how to use these herbs and superfoods and many more as part of your get fit/ get fitter incentive.


Herbs & Superfoods to enhance Sports Performance

New Herbal Products for Indigo Herb's Apothecary

We are pleased to be adding some wonderful herbs, with a long history of traditional use to our product range this month, namely Nettle, Devil's Claw and Slippery Elm.

We have extended our Nettle product range, from Nettle Leaf Tea to include Nettle Root Tea, Tincture & PowderFind out more about this humble yet valuable anti-inflammatory plant, known to be good for osteoarthritis on our Nettle Natural Health Guide.

We are glad to be now supplying a range of Devil's Claw products, including Devil's Claw Tea, Tincture & Powder : This powerful plant of African origin has gained respect as a remedy for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and lower back pain. Find out more on our Devil's Claw Natural Health Guide.

Slippery Elm Bark Powder is known for aiding digestive complaints such as IBS, and for calming and healing gastro-intestinal conditions. It is often used as part of a cleanse and is the first thing to try to calm an upset tummy. Read more on our Slippery Elm Natural Health Guide.

Shop Slippery Elm Products


Shop for Nettle Products Here

Shop for Devils Claw Products

Mushroom Nutrition - most highly prized medicinals on the planet?

Stop Press - Indigo Herbs is really getting into medicinal mushroom nutrition!

Not only can they be used to bring different tastes to the kitchen but also help bolster our immune systems. This is just one of the benefits of including medicinal mushroom nutrition in your daily diet. We have now extended our range from Chaga, Cordyceps and Reishi to include Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Oyster, and Shiitake mushroom powders. Additionally we are now stocking Chaga from Scotland & Estonia.

All these fungi have proven their worth to be graded as some of the most prized mushrooms on earth!

With these easy to take powders and raw mushroom ingredients you can easily incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your meals, superfood smoothies or you can make tea - as is the case with the Chaga Chunks:

.How To make Chaga Tea


Shop Medicinal Mushroom Products

How to use your superfoods to make the ultimate smoothie

5 Step Smoothie Method

Guess What? We've created a page of inspiration on how to use your superfoods.

Having your daily superfoods can really keep you topped up with all your essential nutrients but sometimes we just run out of ideas on how to keep ourselves interested.

So just in time for summer we've created the Ultimate 5 Step Smoothie Method to sharpen up your smoothie making and turn you into a smoothie gourmet!

Go on .... get inspired! 


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Happy June


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