Indigo Herbs News March 2015

Here at Indigo, first signs of Spring are in the air and we are bouncing into our new products campaign for 2015. Steve Mckewon, MD of Indigo Herbs has been looking far and wide for some great new health ingredients to join our global apothecary. 

"I'm especially interested in medicinal mushrooms right now, so following on the sucess of Chaga Mushroom, i'm now sourcing a whole range of specialist mushroom powders and tinctures including Lion's Mane and Shitake, my main focus as always is excellent quality, ethical suppliers and continuity of supply" Steve Mckewon.

Read our blog and find out more about what is in the pipeline for Indigo Herbs New Products this year. 

Indigo Herbs New Products

New Products just launched

So What's new? We have some interesting and effective new herbals in stock this month.

First up is Cats Claw -

This Amazonian herb has long been highly prized as a heal all panacea. Scientific studies show that for joint pain, specifically arthritis of the knees/legs and rheumatoid arthritis, Cats Claw treatment might help individuals cope with pain and also enable more fluid movement. There is also some evidence that Cats Claw could have antiviral properties, helps bolster the immune system and also helps with bowel and colon complaints.

Visit our Cats Claw Page, we are now stocking Cats Claw Tea, Cats Claw Tincture and Cats Claw Powder

Second up is Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil - 

Ayurvedic medicine calls this extraordinary herb an elixir and overall tonic that can be used for a variety of illnesses bringing the body back into alignment. It is said to be even better if taken daily as a preventative. This herb is calming and stress busting and makes a delicious tea.

Visit our Tulsi Page, we are now stocking Tulsi Tincture, Tulsi Powder and Tulsi Tea.

Last but not least is a new addition to our Coconut range - Coconut Flour.

This gluten-free , high in fibre flour is also a source of protein and makes an effective substitute to other flours in recipes. 

Visit our Coconut Page, we are now stocking Organic Coconut Flour in 2 sizes 500g and 1kg.



Cats Claw

Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Coconut Flour

New Protein Powders

Spring is a-coming and the lighter nights means there is more time to work on the get fit and healthy grand plan! The possibility of a morning jog, or walk or cycle ride after work returns as a possibility.

So for the athletes amongst us we've just launched our new

Protein Powders range

and we are delighted to introduce a more extensive range of superfood powders that are high in Protein and completely dairy free.

These will appeal to the vegans and no meat athletes amongst us. A protein rich smoothie or 'milk' shake can be enjoyed after a workout to support the recovery and building of muscle and the campaign to get superfit.

Be inspired by our collection of High protein powder smoothie recipes and find out delicious ways to include these superfood protein powders in your daily routine.

Discover these new ingredients on our Vegan Protein Powders Page which profiles these protein rich superfood ingredients including Hemp Protein Powder, Rice Protein Powder and Pea Protein Powder.

Indigo Herbs Protein Smoothies

Dairy-free Chocolate for Easter

Only 5 weeks left until Easter!

We've been experimenting with delicious ways to imbibe Chocolate without the addition of dairy.

With food intolerances being on the increase we know many of you are looking for Dairy-free, Wheat-free and Gluten-free alternatives.

Visit our Raw Chocolate recipe collection and try something new, be it chocolate biscuits, chocolate pancakes, hot chocolate or chocolate bars, we have a healthy alternative that is delicious, nutritious, pure, raw and ticks ALL the chocolate indulgence boxes. 

For dairy-free, vegan Easter gifts please check out our range of 
How to Make Raw Chocolate Kits and Gift Sets.

Our Easter Raw Chocolate gift set with delightful egg and chick chocolate moulds is JUST ABOUT TO GO LIVE so watch this space.

Indigo Herbs Raw Chocolate Recipes

Discount Code

Indigo Herbs February Discount Code

So here's the chance to say a big thank you to all our customers.

10% discount on all orders over £30, with Free postage in the UK.

Best Wishes

Indigo Herbs

Order online now at

Or call 01458 831 447 Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm UK time

on 24 February 2015 - 5:58pm

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