Indigo Herbs News Nov – 1 2015


In this week’s newsletter we are announcing our Autumn Winter SALE! We’ve included some great get-well stay-well products now at even better prices. We are also giving you a sneaky peak of our exciting new packaging which is coming soon! We hope you like it as much as we do. We’re sharing our favourite Superfood Raw Chocolate Smoothie Recipe and of course there’s your trusty 10% discount code to boot. Happy November!

Feeling Good - Looking Great - Our Fantastic New Brand is just around the corner

Really Nutty about Butters

Our lovely Nut & Seed Butter Range has been flying off the shelf so we are delighted to extend this great offer of 1/3 OFF until 12th December.

Our Nut & Seed Butters are all 100% pure, raw and organic and are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  Taking the place of peanut butter on your toast, or adding some staying power to a smoothie, even featuring in a superfood snack bar or energy ball, these butters really deliver an extra nutritionally rich punch.

Organic Raw Almond Butter – Anti-oxidant Rich – High in Vitamin E

Organic Raw Walnut Butter – Brain Boosting – Rich in B Vitamins
Organic Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter – Mood Boosting – A source of Tryphtophan (proven to help with anxiety, depression and insomnia)
Organic Raw Hemp Seed Butter – Immune Boosting – Perfect Ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6
Organic Raw White Sesame Tahini – Supports Nervous System – High in B Vitamins & Folate (essential for women)
Organic Raw Black Sesame Tahini – Supports Healthy Bones & Teeth – Source of Calcium, Phosphorous & Magnesium



1/3 OFF all Organic Nut Butters Until December 12th

 Shop for our great organic Nut Butters Now!

Raw Chocolate & Almond Breakfast Smoothie

This delicious smoothie is packed with anti-oxidants, protein, and rich in the minerals magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron, plus it’s got those all-important brain boosting B vitamins to boot. Raw Cacao Powder is not only rich in minerals but also a source of feel good phytonutrients. Alongside the Almond Butter this smoothie makes a great energy booster before or after sports, It’s so chocolatey and delicious it truly satisfies the ‘I need chocolate urge’, plus it’s sweetened with Raw Agave which is low GI and that means it won’t give you the sugar highs and lows. Add all the ingredients to the blender and wiz it up, then top with a handful of crunchy Raw Cacao Nibs.

Try The Raw Choc & Almond Breakfast Smoothie


Try The Raw Choc & Almond Breakfast Smoothie

Immune Boosting Bonus

It’s the time of year when we need to be nurturing our immune system and adding into our diet anti-oxidant rich ingredients that are high in Vitamin C. So we are offering both Goji Berries & Organic Baobab Powder on SALE until December 12th.

Goji berries 15% OFF– These highly potent anti-oxidant rich super berries are high in both Vitamin C & A, and are ready to scavenge up all unwanted viruses and winter bugs. Delicious & sweet, they can be added to cereal, porridge, yogurt and fruit salad, or eaten by the handful or as part of a trail mix.

Goji Berries 15% OFF – BUY NOW

Organic Baobab Powder 20% OFF- These delicious tangy fruit powder is from the Baobab tree known as the Tree of Life in Africa. This fruit is recognised for its very high level of Vitamin C and rich mineral content. It has been used as a first food for infants and it is delicious and tastesome. Add it to a morning smoothie, milkshake, porridge, yogurt, cakes, flapjacks and energy bars. A great natural 100% pure Vitamin C fortification. Kids love it too!Goji Berries 15% OFF – BUY NOW




Goji Berries 15% OFF – BUY NOW

Organic Baobab Powder 20% OFF – Buy Now

Maca is back!

After months of a short supply of this well-loved Peruvian root powder, we are happy to say we have secured our supplier again for our Organic Maca Powder and we have the 1kg product back in stock.
This superfood earns its title by being rich in minerals including calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and iodine. It is also known as an adaptogen, which means it helps the body adapt to extreme situations, this can include illness, fatigue, stress and anxiety. It has a delicious malty taste and makes a great ingredient for Raw Chocolate, Superfood Snacks & Smoothies.

Maca is Back - Shop Now

Woman holds Maca Plant

Discount Code

10% Discount Code



Time to re-order? Well here’s your trusty discount code again!

10% OFF all orders over £30

Free Postage on all orders in the UK.


Order online now at

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