Indigo Herbs News - Sept-1- 2015

If you are feeling a bit like the title lyrics from that green day song 'Wake me up when september ends' then you need some of what we've got here for you.

Its that time of year again...back to school! We even feel like we should get a new pencil case, when we may not have been at school in years!

But although September is the time of getting back onto our goals, getting busy, and getting things done it can also leave us feeling like we might need a duvet day! So this month we have a few of our favourite products to help make that shift of gear and change of season a bit nicer! Try out our delicious warming Hot Choc with a twist recipe and check out our luxury relax & unwind herbal goody box. 

Ooh and we've got your trusted 10% discount code too! 

A pair of hands reach to catch a leaf as it falls from a tree.


Time to get the Hot Chocolate on!

Are you feeling chilly? Well we are! As the seasons change its now time to enjoy that old favourite...Hot Chocolate!

The lovely Sarah, author of the blog 'the Laughing Medussa' has put together this Hot Chocolate recipe with a twist. She has cleverly included a variety of mushroom nutrition powders to give this warming drink an added health boost.

Mushroom nutrition powders have been respected and used for their health properties in China and Japan for thousands of years, and are known to boost the immune system and are thought to be  "nature's nutrient for your neurons".

This lovely earthy Hot Chocolate is easy to make and highly recommended.

A hot mug of mushroom cocoa

Take a look at a great recipe for making the delicious Mushroom Cocoa

Find out more about the nutritional benefits of mushrooms

Relax & Unwind

September is often a time of year when we start up something new! Start of a brand new academic year, starting Uni, a new job, or just adjusting back to a busy routine after a more laid back summer. 

So Indigo Herbs is on hand with our Relax & Unwind Gift Set. This little box is packed with all our favourite calming and relaxing herbals! 

So kick back, brew your tea, fill up a hot bath, add essential oils, and get your bestie to rub your shoulders!

"Happiness depends upon ourselves" Aristoltle.....Is this the famous greek philosopher suggesting we get some 'me' time?

Relax and Unwind with Indigo Herbs specially crafted kit to soothe your mind and body

Relax and Unwind with Indigo Herbs specially crafted kit to soothe your mind and body

This kit includes:

  • Chamomile Loose Tea (50g)
  • 1 x Strawberry shaped tea infuser
  • 100ml De-Stress and Unwind massage oil from the Indigo Botanicals range
  • 10ml pure De-Stress and Unwind oil blend from the Indigo Botanicals range

Congratulations to Sam

This summer we had the opportunity to sponsor Sam Taylor, author of the blog 'Plant Based Martial Artist' with a range of our best Superfoods, to support her both physically and mentally in her quest for sucess at the Taikwondo World Championship in Bulgaria. Sam has found that a plant based diet with lots of foods dense in nutrients has really boosted her performance, recovery and attitude when completing professionally. 

So we are delighted to congratulate her on bringing home a bronze medal from this event!

If you are interested in boosting your sports performance then hop over to our Sports Performance page and discover our range of Superfoods and Herbs to boost your game!

Read More about our range of Sports Performance products


Indigo Herb Sponsored Athlete Sam Taylor wins bronze at the Taekwando World Championships


Discount Code

Indigo Herbs - 10% Discount Code - 5767 - Available on of £30 or more until October 16 2015

So here's your trusty discount code!


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