Indigo Herbs gets behind the Go Vegan For January Campaign

Indigo Herbs gets behind the Go Vegan Campaign -

Indigo Herbs is teaming up with to provide full support and sponsorship to this popular New Year lifestyle program. Both companies are dedicated to spreading the word to potential vegans, vegetarians or simply veg curious of how a vegan lifestyle provides an equitable solution for wellbeing, plants, animals and the environment.  

The Veganuary mission is to inspire people to go vegan for January. The website reliably informs those who wish to turn vegan that a plant based diet doesn’t have to be restrictive or unhealthy. They provide support, lifestyle ideas, recipes and nutritional information while strengthening the voice of veganism as the wisest, healthiest option in today’s fast paced society.

Indigo Herbs was built on the principle that complete nutrition for body & mind can be obtained from plants. They have found that there ideals dovetail with the Veganuary campaign and they are delighted to be spreading this message to a wider audience.


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Busting The Vegan Myth

Indigo Herbs company directors Steve Mckewon and Claire Kelly really enjoyed participating in Veganuary 2015 and both stayed vegan. As Claire explains:

Steve and I have always been curious how our company ethos could be strengthened by a collaboration with a project with equally ideals. Since turning Vegan ourselves in January 2015 we decided the Veganuary campaign presented a unique chance to contribute to the vegan movement and spread the message of the benefits of going vegan both personally and enviromentally. Its our chance to get behind a great message and contribute."

Many people who might be thinking of turning Vegan could potentially be put off by notions that they won’t get enough nutrition through a purely Vegan diet. Indigo Herbs aims to support by showing that it is certainly possible to fulfil all health and nutritional needs through a fully plant based diet. 

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