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23 July 2015
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Why Veganuary?

In 2013 Veganuary founders and committed vegans Matthew and Jane came up with idea to promote people becoming vegan for the month of January.  Although month long pledges are not unusual, they felt that people may be more successful if they focussed on the month of January – a time of resolutions and new beginnings.  Following the success of 2014 they embarked upon rebuilding their website and creating a wonderful support network for people who tried vegan and want to stay vegan!  In 2015 Veganuary had 12,800 participants from 115 countries!  71% of the participants felt an improvement in their health and 49% lost weight.  Following on from this success, Veganuary 2016 is set to reach an even greater audience and motivate a record number of participants who are committed to going vegan for the whole month.  During the month of January participants will receive daily motivational emails, lifestyle suggestions, recipes and support on what to eat at home and when eating out.

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Our Sponsorship

This January company directors Claire and Steve decided to do Veganuary 2015.  Previously vegetarians they felt ready to take the next step into veganism and Veganuary provided a great framework within which to do so.  They both noticed many benefits such as easier digestion, the enjoyment of focussing on healthier meals and better skin to the point that Claire’s eczema has completely cleared up – hence the reason they are both still vegan and intend to stay vegan!  Our single aim here at Indigo Herbs is to fully support the campaign and help to get the message out to a wider audience.

The mission of Veganuary dovetails nicely with our own company ethos here at Indigo Herbs which is to provide premium quality ingredients which support people in any diet but especially those who need to get optimum nutrition from a plant based diet.  We specialise in providing wholefoods and superfoods to furnish people with a complex range of all the macro and micronutrients the body needs along with our excellent range of herbs and herbal powders which can be supplemented to address a wide range of maladies or just to boost the general overall health.

Some of the ways we will be supporting Veganuary are; sharing recipes, health benefits, nutritional information and great products, and supporting participants on how to obtain maximum nutrition from a plant based diet.

Why Vegan?

For most people it is a love of animals that is the catalyst for turning vegan.  There are, however, a myriad of health benefits to be obtained from cutting out the animal produce in our diets.  Many people have reported anything from allergies clearing up, a reduction in high blood pressure to having more energy and, in general, a better feeling of health and wellbeing after changing to a vegan diet.  There are also environmental factors to take into consideration, some of them include; agriculture - this requires an enormous amount of land to rear animals and to produce the grain to feed them, the earth’s rainforests and beautiful natural areas are being destroyed to provide this space.  Pollution – “Natural England” (a public body responsible to the UK Secretary of State for Environment) acknowledges that “the single biggest threat to water pollution is agriculture”, the nitrogen and phosphorus contaminating our water is creating “dead zones”, places where few species can survive. 

The Vegan Myth Exploded!

When most people envision a “vegan” it is common to think of underweight, pale hippie types with long hair and bare feet!  This could not be further from the truth – in fact there are many top athletes, successful businessmen and women and regular people who not only survive but thrive on a plant based diet!

So consider signing up!  In Veganuary’s words:-

“ exists for everyone; whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or simply veg-curious.  And last but by no means least, have fun!  Veganuary is about opening your heart, your mind and your cupboard doors.  Get out there, experiment and socialise…. There really is a whole world waiting for you.”

So to celebrate our sponsorship of this great campaign we have brought together our favourite plant protein ingredients, to inspire you to substitute an animal protein source for a vegan one and not lose out on the protein that your body needs. Follow the links below to visit our Organic Raw Nut & Seed butters, Vegan Protein Powder supplements and our wholefoods. 

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