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17 November 2016
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Not only is the festive season a time to get together and eat well, it is also the time of year we are most likely to overindulge and we can end up feeling the effects of too much alcohol or rich food. Nature has many herbal helpers to cast off the lethargy, headaches or at worst nausea and get our system back on the road.

So What’s Going On When I Have A Hangover?

Well firstly that sore head might be down to dehydration, alcohol has diuretic properties which explains why you might constantly be going to the loo during and after drinking. Secondly it's likely that you may be a little irritable as alcohol is a depressant and you could be experiencing a come down. As alcohol leaves impurities in the liver, kidneys and blood that your body may struggle to break down, this might explain the sluggish and might I just die now feeling. Last but not least alcohol may have played havoc with your blood sugar levels so you might feel wobbly and nauseous. Your stomach itself might also be sore as alcohol is an irritant to the lining of the digestive tract. Your body is having a mini crisis and could probably benefit from a bit of assistance in recovery.

Please I’ll Do Anything, Just Give Me a Cure!

Sadly its unlikely you’ll get any sympathy for this act of self punishment in the name of merriment. However if your body could talk it would probably say “Ok don't panic, we need to re-hydrate, calm down this prickly nervous system, give liver & kidneys a bit of support for swift detox, balance blood sugar levels out and soothe this gut!”

The Morning After Self Care Tragic to Magic Solution

Picture the scene, you wake up and soon enough you realise you feel like the bottom of a budgies cage so you crawl out of bed. First thing pour yourself a large glass of filtered water and drink! Now even though you probably fancy your favourite fry up, turn and navigate yourself towards your kitchen blender and put together this hangover destroyer of a smoothie

Hangover Destroyer Smoothie

1 tsp Barleygrass Powder
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Milk Thistle Powder
1 tsp SuperProtein powder or a handful of nuts
Milk of your choice - This could be cow, goats, plant milk
1 x Banana

Hangover Destroyer Smoothie Benefits

A smoothie made with Barleygrass Powder, Turmeric and Milk Thistle has the potential to help the body get rid of the impurities of the alcohol left in your system and provide some extra vitamins, minerals and enzymes to boost a return to wellbeing. Barleygrass powder is made from the young shoots of Barley that are harvested and freeze dried. These shoots are then powdered to ensure that all that life force energy that would have gone on to grow the shoot into a sheaf of Barley, remains intact. This powder is full of enzymes, a great source of vitamins and minerals and 50% protein!  This dense nutrition really helps the cells rejuvenate, the body organs of elimination get to work and the whole system go into repair.

Both Milk Thistle and Turmeric have a long history of use as tonics to the liver, and it is this organ (our factory of elimination and cleansing) that really gets overloaded as it works extra hard to break down the impurities in alcohol. Both these herbs protect the liver and help it do its job.

Protein as well as Carbohydrates are just what your body needs to balance out low blood sugar. The milk, protein powder or handful of nuts provide a nice portion of protein to balance out the low blood sugar level and give your body the right raw materials to start repairing.

Banana is providing potassium and lost electrolytes to assist the body rehydrating.

Try and eat little and often through the day to restore blood sugar levels.

Why Do I Crave Fatty Foods?

The body's natural instinct to consume fats is thought to come from the production of a hormone called ghrelin which is your body's way of forcing you to search for the densest food available to restore energy. But hold off the order of the mega breakfast because what your body really needs is nutrition.

Other Superfoods for the Morning After

Eggs contain cysteine, an amino acid that breaks down toxins!

Seek Bliss - Recovery in a Hot Bath!

Next up it's time for a long hot bath with a hint of grapefruit essential oil - this can be a great way to revive the morning after the night before, Grapefruit gives the liver a nudge and clears a foggy mind. If you can’t take a bath then add some Grapefruit essential oil to your shower gel and rub it all over your body whilst inhaling the aroma.

How to Minimise the Hangover from Hell

Drink lots of Water
Don’t mix your drinks
Always eat before drinking, especially foods that are slow to release energy such as pasta, potato, bread, rice and grains.
If it's too late and you've overdone the vodka, then eat a few handfuls of nuts to stabilise your blood sugar levels and drink lots of water before bed.
Know your limits and pace yourself (a soft drink in between).
Don’t fall for the hair of the dog! This only delays the enevitable.

Am I Drinking Too Much?

Drinkaware has a quick and simple test for you to check out whats safe for you

Drinkaware helps you understand the effects of alcohol on your health

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