Natural Pain Relief - Is There a Natural Pain Reliever?
Herbal Remedies
06 July 2021
Feverfew - natural pain relief

If you’re suffering from a headache, a backache or toothache, it’s all too easy to find relief in a pill. But, if you’re weary of the side effects, risks, or perhaps the addictive nature of medication, you might be seeking more natural pain relief. Is there a natural pain reliever out there? We'd like to think so! Thankfully, nature has provided us with so many natural pain relievers, which have different chemicals and properties that work with our bodies to relieve discomfort. We've gathered a list of herbs and spices that may provide some natural pain relief.

Please note that not everyone reacts to herbs the same way and it’s always best to consult with your healthcare provider or a natural health care professional before making any changes.


Feverfew has a long history of traditional use and was widely used for women’s health. Feverfew has also been used to treat migraines, headaches, tooth and stomach pains, and even arthritis. It was considered “the aspirin of the 18th century.”

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White Willow Bark

White willow bark contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies have shown that it may be as effective as aspirin for reducing pain and inflammation. White willow bark has been used to relieve headaches, arthritic pains, and menstrual cramps.

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Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce is also known as “opium lettuce” for its pain relieving effects. Traditionally used for centuries for a number of ailments. And is best known as a pain reliever in more recent times, especially for migraines and menstrual cramps.

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Peppermint has traditionally been used in food as a tea, as well as for all sorts of ailments. It has been shown to be a useful digestive aid. It can be used topically to relieve tension headaches due to its numbing and soothing qualities.

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Cloves are well known for their numbing effects in helping relieve toothaches. They’ve also been shown to help relieve digestive discomfort.

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Turmeric boasts many benefits, and is best known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Because most cases of arthritis involve some kind of inflammation, turmeric has been shown to be useful in reducing symptoms, including pain.

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