Introducing Our New Christmas Gift Set Range
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14 November 2014
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Heart Centred Christmas

Here at Indigo Herbs we have been busy conceiving six amazing gift sets that should help you select a present that’s not only wonderfully presented but ethical, eco-friendly, feel good, healthy and won’t break the bank and will bring a satisfied smile to those who receive them. Tick any boxes?

Indigo Herbs Gift Set

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As a rather warm November rolls on, the ever critical deadline of buying family and friends Christmas presents looms closer. Almost all of us are preoccupied with finding those perfect presents for the ritual of exchanging gifts with loved ones. Through the buzz and crowds it can be hard not to fall into a precipice of Christmas stress which leaves some of us feeling profoundly Un-Christmassy! Added to this, we find ourselves presented with an overabundance of choice, packaging and waste that surrounds gift buying and wrapping.

For those of us who try to hold a more conscientious disposition toward Christmas this added pressure can easily drive us to be disheartened when looking for presents. Our focus has been on preserving our company ethos of minimal and recyclable packaging while delivering the best possible quality with select, well-presented health products. In our design we’ve kept things simple but dinky with an artisan look & feel. We’re confident that within the choice of these six sets you’ll be able to find an original gift of which will delight those who have a more diverse and alternative view to life and Christmas.  

Christmas Means Chocolate (and everyone's included)

Since the wintry month of December is traditionally a time of keeping warm, reconnecting with family and indulging in sweet and savoury delights, Indigo Herbs has reinvented our healthy bestselling Raw Chocolate Kit to enjoy with loved ones. By adding a twist of nutty crunch with Brazil nuts and some alternative Christmas berry red with Goji Berries, our new beautifully packaged Raw Chocolate Making Gift Set is a great way of satisfying any chocolaty Christmas desires in a wholesome way. Our Raw Chocolate Kit produces chocolate that is not only delicious, free from dairy and gluten but also packed with over 300 feel good phyto-nutrients, including anti-oxidents. For those who know, Raw Chocolate is dark, smooth, nourishing and delivers a whole range of added health benefits. This Raw Chocolate Gift Set has everything you need to produce 20-25 beautifully rich dark delicious chocolates including a set of instructions to help you with the simple process.

Raw Chocolate Making Gift Set

Relax and Unwind (The Healthy way)

Next we have a good combination of products to help with easing the muscles out of knots, de-stressing from difficult days and general relaxation. The Indigo Relax and Unwind Well-being Gift Set introduces three ways which will infuse relaxing beneficial herbs into your system either through inhalation with our proprietary pure De-Stress and Unwind oil blend; through the pores of the skin with our De-Stress and Unwind massage oil blend; or from a relaxing hot drink with our pure Chamomile Tea (includes one strawberry shaped tea infuser). A great gift for anybody who could use a natural way to unravel into a nice relaxed mood, releasing the tension of the day and ready for the next.  

Relax and Unwind Gift Set

Time For Tea

For those who may need a mid-winter immune-boost, or who might be recovering from the numerous Christmas feasts, we have combined three of our best nurturing Indigo Herbs house blend loose leaf herbal teas to combat it all. Whether suffering from over eating, a bitter cold or trouble sleeping, we have created our Herbal Tea Infusions Gift Set to combat it all. Inside you will find our proprietary tea blends of Tummy Tamer, Sleep Deep and Get Well, Stay Well as well as two easy to use, one cup tea infusers. This gift set can be an aid for nearly everyone to help the body through the cold winter months, and can be a great present for those who love to roam the countryside on cold and crisp days. A must for a finest quality tea lover.

Indigo Herbal Tea Infusions Gift Set

Let There Be Life

Our next gift set has been designed for women who have the very special job of carrying new life this winter. The Indigo Herbs Pregnancy Care and Wellbeing Gift Set is centred on giving a helping hand during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. This is done through the wonderfully therapeutic actions of our pure Raspberry Leaf Tea (includes one strawberry shaped tea infuser), our proprietary Pregnancy Care Essential Oil and the warming Pregnancy Care Massage Oil. Each of these products has different actions that invite calm and a little more ease to pregnancy. We hope that whomever receives this gift set can enjoy the benefits of these natural herbal pregnancy aids. Raspberry Leaf Tea has been sipped by pregnant women for centuries and is a great tonic to the womb.

Pregnancy Care Wellbeing Gift Set

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

For those who have a creative streak, love to experiment and have a refined sense of fragrance we have concocted a cacophony of fantastic aromas in one box to play with. Our Mid-Winter Incense Blending Gift Set can be used to fill an environment with the wonderful traditional aromas of Frankincense, Myrrh and Colophony (Pine Resin). It is a lovely way to enjoy the essence of Christmas while pervading a home with warming therapeutic fragrances. We invite you to try different ratios of these three incense resins and experiment in finding a new blend that is totally unique. This Gift Set is great fun, can elevate any mood and includes every piece of apparatus needed (except a flame) for those adventurous perfumers seeking the perfect wintry aroma.

Mid Winter Incense Blending Kit   

Christmas Is The Mood For Love

Lastly but not least, we have our sensual collection of three herbal products to be enjoyed by him and her on a cosy night in. When the wind is blowing and the temperature drops then our Natural Aphrodisiacs for Lovers Gift Set can be the perfect entertainment to be indulged in. Combining the Indigo Herbs proprietary Aromatherapy blends: Intimate Bliss for Women Massage Oil and Erotic Spice for Men Massage Oil, as well as the pure natural aphrodisiac loose leaf tea of Horny Goat Weed; there is everything you need to elevate an amorous mood and enjoy a warm sensuous early night. This is the perfect unique gift for that someone special. (Includes two Red strawberry shaped tea infusers)

Natural Aphrodisiac for Lovers Gift Set

We really hope that these Gift Sets can be a help in providing some amazing healthy and fun presents this Christmas. Each kit is easy to wrap and just the right size if you worry about something being too big when sent by post. Being flawlessly presented, at the right price and as free of plastics and waste as we can make them, these gifts are a proud combination of some great Indigo products. The Indigo Herbs Team is here if you have any questions relating to them and Customer Services can be reached here to answer any quires you might have.

All the best in enjoying a healthy and fun Christmas from all the team at Indigo Herbs.

Christmas Gift Sets

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