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25 February 2015
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Steve - Indigo Herbs

Indigo Herb's main aim is and has always been to make herbs and superfoods and natural health ingredients affordable and acessible, so in this spirit Steve Mckewon, founder and MD of Indigo is on the hunt for effective, interesting, new botanicals to add to our global apothecary.

Indigo Herbs has a broad and diverse range of over 450 different products, specialising in traditional herbal from around the world with thousands of years of medicinal use and cutting edge nutrition such as Superfoods and nutrient rich wholefoods. But believe it or not there are always new discoveries to make.  We took time out and had a little chat with Steve to pick his brains on what's next:

So what's new for Indigo?

Steve "I'm currently looking at adding a lovely range of nut butters that are not only vegan but also raw. The raw factor means that the phyto-nutrient content of the nuts remains intact. It's the healthiest twist on peanut butter. This year me and Claire (Steve's partner and co-director of Indigo Herbs) took up the veganuary challenge (be vegan for January) and we've been exploring sources of plant proteins to replace dairy. It's been great fun, trying new things, we got into our nut and seed butters and i know a whole lot more about their benefits now, so adding these to our product range is a must. On this plant protein theme we have just launched the first of our protein rich powders and there are more of these to come. Chia seeds have gone huge and the European market is really engaged with this South American staple food, so we are going to be offering Chia Seed protein powder. "

Indigo Herbs New Products

So is food the direction in which you are going?

Steve "We are hugely excited about adding to our food products, i'm currently working on a culinary oils range, profiling pure virgin cold pressed oils from more sustainable plants that are packed with omega oils and just need to be added to the diet as a brain food. We are starting to see a turn in thinking now at a main stream level about oils being good for you. So many people are turning on to raw pure clean food ingredients and we have so many ideas for this market, with our main aim to keep this kind of gourmet specialist food range still affordable and acessible, in true Indigo Style."

So any new herbals in the pipeline?

Steve "I will never tire in adding new and interesting plants to our range. There are so many effective medicinal plants from across the globe that are greatly prized and respected in the herbal tradition of that country. It is endessly of interest to me to source and supply great quality herbals and widen our global trade activities. I'm really into the medicinal mushrooms right now. This group of plants hold beneficial properties in boosting immunity, and there is no doubt that our fight against allergens, pollution, viruses and bacterias is increasing, so i feel that medicinal mushrooms have a greater importance to us at this time.  Chaga mushroom is a daily ritual for me and my family, and i feel that the benefits of drinking Chaga tea daily are numerous including prevention of illness at a later stage. So i'm delighted that we will be launching a broader choice of Chaga including Chaga tincture. We currently stock Chaga mushroom that is hand harvested in Scotland, so we are adding to this with Chaga Mushroom hand harvested from Estonia and Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder."

So watch this space for the release of new products over the year. 



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