New Year..New You
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18 December 2014
New Year New Start

Make the Change

Another New Year - THAT moment when you feel like you should make the change, turn over a new leaf, begin again. And yet out of all of us who set a long list of New Year’s resolutions only 46% will still be on target in 6 months’ time. Sometimes it’s the expectations that are un realistic, sometimes we lack motivation but what about if we are really ready to make some changes, how can we avoid joining the flock on *Fail Friday?

Indigo Herbs's Top Tips

Just for a moment set your mind on the goals you want to achieve, imagine you had all the energy and resources you might need. 

I want to lose weight
I want to change my job
I want to find that special someone
I want to be happier, healthier, more fulfilled
I want to make a difference
I want to increase my fitness levels

Even little changes can lead to big transformation.

It’s normally those little day to day lifestyle habits that hold us back from making it happen. Write down a list of all the things that are holding you back:

Exhaustion, Muscle pain, Lack of Time, Lack of inspiration, Lack of energy?

And then think about what you could change in your life right now to achieve these goals. It might be small changes at first, but what daily changes can you actually make happen today?




I want to lose weight

Exhaustion, lack of energy

Try a healthy breakfast…

I want to change my job


Get some career advice

I want to make a difference


Pay a kind act forward

I want to increase my fitness levels


Find a fitness buddy

Make a small change today and then make that small change a daily habit.

Scientific studies have proven that making just one small change towards health and wellbeing can have a knock on effect, and create changes in an unlimited way. Let’s face it when we have our health, our happiness is more in reach, as is our success and heart felt accomplishments.

Make each day a Superfood day.

For thousands of years people have been using medicinal Herbs and healing foods to improve their wellbeing. It’s not a new concept, it’s the natural way, it’s what our bodies can recognise. This is just what nature intended, to provide us with resources to create energy, the building blocks of life. We just need to get back in step with it.

Take the Smoothie Time Pledge

Start the day every day with a Superfood smoothie for breakfast. To support you making the change we’ve put together a downloadable free e-book with 12 Smoothie recipes inside.

We recommend that you replace your breakfast with a Superfood smoothie for 1 month and see what kind of changes to your health and wellbeing start to occur. Superfoods provide a dense source of nutrition that contributes to your body’s wellbeing, improving cellular renewal, providing core micro-nutrients for optimum body function, and optimal energy levels.

Getting what you really need at a core level starts with good nutrition, and that positive energy can provide a foundation stone for the greatest things - namely you!

*Friday 23rd February-the day your new year’s resolutions are most likely to fail.


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Hi there, after having my first son (5 years ago) I developed hypothyroidism and i was prescribed levothyroxine for the rest of my life. It's now a year since I decided to stop the medication and take responsibility for my health by trying to understand the reasons around it. Nutrition has been the base for keeping my thyroid healthy and I'm always open for more information and advice. thanks Kind regards Edurne

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