I'm Dreaming Of A Raw Chocolate Christmas
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30 November 2015
Cocoa beans and chocolate on wooden background

Raw Chocolate - It's Delcious AND Nutritious! 

Raw Chocolate is the treat of the season. Winter is a time for keeping warm, reconnecting with family and friends, spreading joy, eating good food and indulging in sweet delights. So, why not enjoy the delicious herbal delicacy of Raw Chocolate with your loved ones this Christmas.

Cacao Bean, Liquid Chocolate and Raw Chocolate

What is it? 

Raw Chocolate is a form of unprocessed chocolate that is gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for Vegans. This delicious and smooth indulgence comes out as a dark chocolate colour with a rich heavenly aroma. Raw Chocolate is made using the Superfood Cacao Bean - Cacao translates as “food of the gods” in Greek. 

How is it different to normal traditional Chocolate?

When traditional chocolate is made, it is highly processed and roasted which destroys the nutrients and anti-oxidants, leaving you with just sugar and fat. When Raw Chocolate is made, roasting doesn’t come into it, the ingredients are used raw and consumed in their fresh natural state, meaning they maintain their nutritional value. Raw chocolate is high in anti-oxidants, minerals such as magnesium and sulphur and the ‘bliss’ chemical Anandamide. 

Is Raw Chocolate really healthier?


Raw chocolate is brimming with over 300 feel good, mood boosting phyto-chemicals, including theobromine (a supplement used for weight loss & improving overall health). The phytochemicals that remain in Raw Chocolate are also responsible for the ‘feeling the love’ vibe, which is why this treat has been classed as an aphrodisiac. Raw Chocolate can lower blood pressure and improve circulation, it also includes a sufficient amount of fibre which can improve digestion. It is also important to mention the components of cacao can enhance physical and mental well-being.

If all you want for Christmas is your two front teeth?! Then nutritious Raw Chocolate is the answer, the healthier treat.

The excitment doesn't stop there! 

We sell Raw Chocolate bars in 6 different flavours; the original PURE, the Pure Energy, Pure Goddess, Pure Hero, Pure Life and Pure Passion. Each bar is sugar-free, dairy-free, guilt-free and hand-crafted with love and care by our talented Kitchen Production team. 


The original PURE bar includes the 4 key ingredients; our Organic Cacao Powder and Organic Cacao Butter, with Organic Agave Syrup to sweeten it and Organic Vanilla Powder for extra great taste. A healthy twist for dark chocolate lovers. For Raw Chocolate first timers, this is the one to try – no extra flavour, no added ingredients just PURE and delicious. 

Pure Raw Chocolate with Cacao Powder, Cacao Bean, Vanilla Pod and Agave Tree

All Raw Chocolate bars are made using Organic Cacao Powder and Organic Cacao Butter, with Organic Agave Syrup and Organic Vanilla Powder. With their separate added ingredients...

Pure Energy

A boost of energy giving herbs have been added on top of the core Pure ingredients. The uplifting tonic of Guarana is an extra as a natural but powerful vitality boost alongside Cola Nut which is one of nature's stimulants, containing caffeine. The last ingredient of Peppermint added to the Energy bar is a very prominent taste. 

Pure Goddess (For Women)

The elements added to our Goddess Raw Chocolate bar are fortified tonic herbs for Women. Shatavari, a sweet nourishing herb that helps women to maintain a healthy reproductive system and Maca, which aids PMT and helps to balance hormones. Complemented with the delicate taste of Rose.

Pure Hero (For Men)

The fortified tonic herbs for Men added to secure the name of Hero to this Raw Chocolate bar are herbs; Ashwagandha, Gokshura and Kapikachhu - traditionally used to boost masculine competence, physical strength and sexual potency. It is flavoured with a subtle hint of Black Pepper.

Pure Life

This Pure Raw Chocolate is combined with Chinese longevity herbs; Cordyceps Sinensis, Reshi Mushroom, and Gynostemma. These herbs are said to reduce the effects of ageing and increase one's chances of centenarian ship. They are also known to improve quality of life in the shorter term. The taste of Pure Life is said to be rich and earthy. 

Pure Passion

Raw Chocolate is already known as an aphrodisiac in its own right but we decided to create a no.1 aphrodisiac infusion. After months of trying out different herbal concoctions, we came up with the addition of Clavohuasca which is effective in stimulating libido, and sexual desire with Kapikachu /Mucuna that stimulates the brains production of dopamine which improves mood, sexuality and co-ordination - we have hope you fall in love with this perfect combination. 

Indigo Herbs Pure Raw Chocolates


Raw Chocolate - Also Easy to Make! 

Do you class yourself as a do it yourself kind of person? If so, we’ve got the answer for you.

Our healthy best-selling Indigo Herbs Raw Chocolate Making Kit

Raw Chocolate Making Kit

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Low GI

By adding a twist of nutty crunch with Brazil Nuts and some alternative Christmas berry red with Goji Berries, our beautifully packaged Raw Chocolate Making Gift Set is a great way of satisfying your Chocolate Christmas desires in a wholesome way. This Raw Chocolate Gift Set has everything you need to produce 20-25 beautifully rich dark delicious chocolates including a set of instructions to help you with the simple process. Ingredients include; Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Agave Syrup, Organic Vanilla Powder, Goji Berries & Brazil Nuts.

Our Gift Kits are currently on SALE with 10% off until Christmas. Get yours now and happy Chocolate-making!

How to transform your Raw Chocolate - heart mould and smother in sprinkles

Why not get yourself some Christmas themed ice cube trays – such as Reindeer ice cube trays, a Goji Berry would make a brilliant Reindeer nose – or smother them in sprinkles to make them look like Christmas baubles. YUM!


Raw Chocolate - Belongs Under The Christmas Tree! 

After reading all this we can imagine your mouth may be watering and you’re keen to try some of our enchanting homemade Raw Chocolates. It’s your lucky day, we currently have a discount on our 35 x Pure Raw Chocolates until Wednesday 16th December:

35 x Pure Raw Chocolates: NOW £36.99 - WAS £40.49

Ideal as healthy but still tasty stocking fillers, or under the Christmas tree... the perfect gift that says many things: I love you, you are special and LETS CELEBRATE. 

How to make Raw Chocolate Video - Indigo Style


Try leaving Santa Claus a Raw Chocolate with his mince pie and carrot for the Reindeer, he might give you extra presents!*




(*no promises)

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Hello Once the raw chocolates are made, how long can I keep them and where? I am thinking of making them for gifts and would be good to know how far ahead I can make them. Thank you!

You can keep these yummy chocs in the fridge for 3 months! However they probably won't last that long.

I have added raw cacao and coconut oil to my morning coffee for over a year and my skin looks great and the added magnesium is always welcome. Of course the rich bitter taste is divine!

What a great idea! Great way to get nutrients to the brain!

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