Slow Dried Fruit Powders... a new way to eat fruit
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18 June 2013

Slow Dried Fruit Powders We all know that we need to get our five a day of fruit in us, but even with better ways emerging like blending them into fruit smoothies, we still find that the majority of us don’t get the amount we need. If you’re like me, you might even find your daily fruit intake a little bit boring, perhaps a bit of a challenge… so how easy would it be if you could just mix a bunch of fruit powders and still get all the fruity nutrition you need?

This is why Indigo Herbs are now supplying slow dried fruit powders. A lot of people don’t like shopping daily, and fresh fruit can cost a lot of money – so why not buy them in the form of a dried powder?

Surely dried fruit powders aren't as good for you?

Well, scientists got together and decided how to conserve fruit. The fact that fruits have such high water content means they go off really quickly – so people prefer to get preserved foods that last longer. Research has shown that freeze-dried fruit powders conserve the bioactive compounds (which are the core of the health benefits), as well as maintaining nutritional factors like anti-oxidants.

The fact that dehydration is done at such a low temperature and so slowly means that almost all the water is evaporated, but the raw fruit powders have their nutritional content compacted, without the fresh taste being taken away. As an example, acerola powder, cranberry powder and raspberry powders are all high in Vitamin C, and that huge benefit is preserved in the slow-drying process.

But does powdered fruit give you same experience of fresh fruit?

Mango Powder Violet Fig Powder Cranberry Powder Acerola Powder Strawberry Powder Raspberry Powder

I, guiltily, find it hard to eat healthy food, but mixing our beautifully coloured powders, I found it refreshing and easy – and that was just with water. I even mixed all of them:

To make a lovely mixed fruit powder drink, with no horrible after tastes – just pure nutrition bundled in one easy glass (you could even throw Baobab powder and Carrot powder in there if you wanted to, just to give you that superfood boost!) And it gave me an instant fruit high which, honestly, made me feel great and rewarded.

So fruit powders taste good... surely they're still a bit boring?

They're just food powders, so you can be very creative! You could easily mix them with milk, smoothies, or even sprinkle them on food or mix them with some yummy cacao butter to make a delicious raw chocolate mix; there are endless ways to create something from their unique tastes and natural colours. Or if you're like me and you don't spend a lot of time on food, just mix them together and see what happens.

So I am relieved I have discovered a new fruit dietary supplement that isn't just a boring capsule, or that's going to go off before I have a chance to eat it. I no longer have any excuse not to get my five a day in, now that it only takes a few minutes. Strawberry powder is possibly my favourite, followed closely by raspberry powder, but all of them are delicious.

These natural fruit products have offered me a fantastic new way to eat fruit. Vitamins, anti-oxidants, nutrients - all packed within these pure fruit powders. And with this new-found energy, I’m definitely going to shout about it!

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