Smoothie Day at Indigo Herbs
Superfoods and Nutrition
20 July 2015
Berry Smoothies

This is a photo banner of 3 Indigo Team members drinking pink, green and brown smoothies

We LOVE smoothies here at Indigo Herbs.

Last Friday we decided to treat our staff to 3 different smoothie flavours to congratulate them on such a hard working week and give them one last healthy boost to get through the afternoon.

Why don’t you do the same at your workplace?!

Choco Banana, Ruby Red Berry & Supergreen Tropical

All 3 Smoothies contain 250ml of our homemade Nut & Seed Milk

Soaked Chia Seeds 2 dessertspoons
Soaked Almonds 4 whole
Hulled Hemp Seeds 1 dessertspoon
Cashew Nuts 1 dessertspoon
Dates 4 whole
Vanilla Powder 0.5 tsp
Ice  3 chunks
Water 250 ml


Choco Banana Smoothie Recipe

While being deliciously creamy and divine, this smoothie is also high in protein.

Nut & Seed Milk 250 ml
Organic Cacao Powder 1 dessertspoon
Organic Protein Powder Blend 1 dessertspoon
Banana 1 whole/chopped
Ice 3 chunks

Choco Banana Smoothie How To

Choco Banana Smoothie How To 2

Ruby Red Berry Smoothie Recipe

This fruity and refreshing smoothie will give you vitamin and anti-oxidant boosts.

Nut & Seed Milk 250 ml
Beetroot Powder 1 tsp
Organic Acai Powder 1 tsp
Organic Baobab Powder 1 tsp
Banana 0.75 whole/chopped
Strawberries  6 whole/chopped
Ice 3 chunks

A banner of 4 photos showing you how to make the Red Berry Smoothie, pictures to show which ingredients go in first (use table for order).

A banner of 4 images showing the last things you do to make the smoothie. Put the rest of the powder into the blender, add ice, blend then pour.

Supergreen Tropical Smoothie

The superfoods in this smoothie are a great source of vitamins and minerals, as well as being protein rich, energy boosting and alkalising.

Nut & Seed Milk 250 ml
Spirulina Powder 0.5 tsp
Chlorella Powder 0.5 tsp
Wheatgrass Powder 0.5 tsp
Barleygrass Powder 0.5 tsp
Moringa Powder 1 tsp
Banana 0.75 whole/chopped up
Pineapple/Mango 3 chunks
Ice 3 chunks

A banner of 4 images explaining how to start making the Supergreen Tropical Smoothie. Start by putting in the Nut milk, then added chopped up fruit, powders and ice.

The next 5 images on a banner are the next images showing you how to make the Supergreen Tropical smoothie. Ice is in, whisk the blender, see the gooey green liquid then pour and serve.An image of the green, brown and pinky red smoothies all together in a variety of cups before they were drank.

Each of these recipes makes 1 large smoothie & a very happy stomach!

Read our blog about How To Use Superfoods for more smoothie making tips.

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