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04 March 2011
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Super Food Powders / Superfood powder

Super Food powders are generally a plant or a fruit or even a root ground up into a powder, this obviously making it easier to ingest. Superfood powders are powders which generally contain a massive amount of vital nutrients for your body, hence how they get the tag "Super". For example, one of the many Superfood powders sold by Indigo Herbs is Goji Berry powder, this Super Food powder is "super" as it is rich in: Beta-carotene + vitamin C, B1, B2, other vitamins and minerals + antioxidants and amino acids. Another quick example of incredibly potent and effective Super Food powders would be: Wheatgrass powder, barley grass powder, Spirulina powder, Chorella powder and Acai powder.

These will all flood your body will spectacular amounts of nutrients and essentials for your body, they can mentally and physically enhance your body for the day or in the long term improve your health massively.

All of the Super Food powders which were mentioned above and HUNDREDS MORE can be found at

Taking Super Food powders isn't rocket science and can be done in a couple of ways to mask the sometimes unappetising taste. Firstly the simple way would be, for example if you were taking Wheat grass powder (or any other Super Food powder) you can simply mix it into milk, juice or even just water depending on what you prefer.

Although there is a slightly more tasty way to consume Super Food powders, if you have a food processor, or a blender or something similar you can add the powders into this and throw in some fruits (for taste, adding to your 5 a day and thickening the smoothie) with some fruit juice or water (I personally recommend using a fruit juice as it improves the taste massively) and blending together into a deliciously healthy Super Food smoothie. You can add pretty much ANY combination of Super Foods into a smoothie, my personal favourite is: Wheat grass, Barley grass, Acai berry, Rhodiola powder and Guarana powder with pineapple juice and a banana.

Super Food powders are a fantastic way to get all the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients you may not get from your everyday life, it's simply an easy way to make sure your bodies topped up with all the good stuff. Plus if you have a smoothie similar to the one above you will find you are getting a nice cut of your 5 a day using these Super Food powders.

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